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YEAST:  All Lalvin and Red Star yeast, that we carry, are freeze dried and in nitrogen purged foli packs.  5 gram packs are rated for 1-6 US gallons.

Determine the finish of your wine first and then chose the yeast.  

Yeast has various tolerances to alcohol.   There are many different yeast cultures available in large quantities for winemakers, but just a hand full in 5-gram packages, freeze dried and will inoculate 5-6 gallons for the amateur winemakers. 


Your decision to us a malolactic culture will also dictate what yeast choice you make. 

Most of the older “recipes” for fruit wine call for Red Star Champagne yeast as it was available. Dare to change and use some of Lalvin yeast or other Red Star yeast.

Learn about the yeast properties to help you make a good yeast selection.


Yeast selection Lalvin: alcohol tolerances and characteristics

Yeast selection Red Star: alcohol tolerances and characteristics

Yeast Starter

Yeast re-hydration with Go Ferm

Yeast re-hydration with water


May Your Wines Fall Bright!