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Auto Siphons  auto siphon starter by Fermtech for 3/8" tubing are  23" long.

Auto Siphon for 1/2" tubing. Fermtech
Great for transfer with 1/2 inch tubing but not for bottling 750 ml bottle unless you can reduce to a 3/8 bottle filler. 1/2 filler leaves too much air space in a 750 ml for the cork. Great for quicker transfer and racking.

Auto Siphon Mini for 3/8 tubing is shorter for gallon jug with a length 13" long.


Holder for Auto Siphons 3/8" and mini and for Auto Siphon 1/2" size.

auto siphone holder

Holder spring type holder 3/8" and 1/2" racking wand.  clip spring holder for carboy

Holder clip for bucket holder straight, may be red or blue, NOT FOR CARBOY.


clip for bucket racking tube holder


Racking wands are clear acrylic for 3/8" tubing and are curved at 21" long and 3/8" curved at 26" and 1/2" tubing curved at 24" long.  They draw the wine from the bottom up through a tip that draws from the top (of the tip).

racking wands or siphon tubes  racking tube tip pulls from above the lees


John Guest 3/8 Quick connect for 3/8 racking wand to 5/16 tubing and from tubing to filler. Gentle persuasion required, maybe some hot water. 
connect with john guest


Tubing comes in 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 1/2", 7/16" and 5/8" diameters.




May Your Wines Fall Bright!