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 Wines and foods 

Don't be too formal in pairing wine from traditional suggestions, such as red wine with red meat, white wine with white meat, etc. While looking over some old articles on pairing wine with foods,  I realized that there was no mention of chocolate and red wine! All good things evolve with time.

We have wine tastings with our local Keuka Lake AWS (American Wine Society) chapter.  On one occasion we hosted a turkey dinner with a bring-a-dish-to-pass and a low fat theme. You can't imagine the comments from our guest regarding our wine selection. We had a Chardonnay, Semi Dry Riesling and a Cabernet Sauvignon.  Questions asked were why the Riesling with the meal and the reply was that Marcy likes it. But why the red? and the reply was: because Tom likes a red wine. The Chardonnay was accepted as belonging on the table. So shoulders were shrugged and a meal enjoyed with 3 very different styles of wine.

If you can get a hold of a Gewurztraminer, try it with Chinese or Brats.  Spicy and spicy, it is a nice pairing.  Ever had a sweet port or a dry sherry on ice cream? It is a favorite in our house. Have a port tasting with ice cream!

A winemaker we know was in Alsace a few months ago and came across this curious saying:  "If you want to make an enemy of a friend serve him Riesling without food."  It never had occurred to them before that the connection between Riesling and food was anything out of the usual. At home they opened a bottle of Lingfelder Riesling.  A glass before dinner was nice, if somewhat more in the flowery style than their preference. For dinner they had tacos; beef, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and sour cream. The Riesling now tasted much different. The floweriness was pretty much gone, replaced by a more zesty and bracing acidity. If they hadn't known the wine was the same they wouldn't have guessed!

Another winemaker wrote that he made a light red from cold pressed Merlot that is great with all foods. The bottom line is to have what you enjoy with what you like. Life is full of little surprises. Think outside the box and enjoy your wine. 


May Your Wines Fall Bright!