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Buon Vino "hollow core"  sometimes called intermediate.We call these Hollow Core and you can see why.  They fit a wider range of necks due to the longer body length.  They stay in well if you dry the jug and the bung off well first. 

bored gum rubber bung for home winemaking at fallbright   bung solid stopper gum rubber bung for home winemaking at fallbright  Bored or Solid Rubber Bungs

If you use the white gum bungs, allow a range of sizes in your collection to fit different jugs of the same size.  Not all necks are the same.  The most popular sizes for a 5 gallon jug are numbers 6.5 and 7.  Get Both!  All the PET carboy Better Bottles take a #10!

We also have small bungs (2,3) to fit wine bottles for topping fermentations. 

fifth bottles 2 5/8"
misc bottles 3 3/4
hedpak cap 5.5 1-5/16
gallon 38 mm 6 1
carboy 3,5,6, new gallon jugs 6.5 1-1/8
Buon Vino Small 6.5-7 1-1/8, top1-9/16
carboy 3,5,6 7 1-3/16
carboy 2.8 7.5 1-1/4
gallon, odd 8 1-3/8
small barrels 8.5 1-7/16
small barrels 9 1-1/2
5 gal water jug 9.5 1-9/16
5 gal PET and water jug 10 1-3/4
Buon Vino LARGE 54 LITER 1-3/4
misc 10.5 43mm
barrel, misc 11 1-7/8
misc. 11.5 2
pyrex carboy 5, odd 12 gal jugs 12 2-1/8
pyrex carboy 5, odd 13 2-3/16
 Tapered corks, most sizes ranging from 000-28.     
Grommet  You could drill a hole in a canning jar lid and turn it into a fermenter with a grommet and an airlock.  grommet for airlock drilled lid  
   size 9/16




May Your Wines Fall Bright!