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Tannin in Excess

Gelatin is excellent for reducing tannin in red wines as gelatin needs tannin present to work.

To remove excess tannin from a red wine, fine with gelatin without adding any additional tannin. This attraction between gelatin and tannin is great for a red wine that has too much tannin. 

If you add too much to a wine or there is too much naturally, tannin can be removed with the use of gelatin at the rate of 2 grams per 5 gallons.   

(Dark) We use tannin for flavor rather than for fining. Tannin is present in grape stems and is not often a required additive. 

Dissolve the gelatin in some warm water. Add to wine. Mix well. If a haze occurs, chill the wine and add 1-2 grams more of tannic acid.

2 gms. tannic acid = 1 1/4tsp.

2 gms. gelatin = ¾ tsp.

MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE...  The below is a reply from the late Tom Mitchell (Sr.) to an amateur winemaker with a tannin problem. 

Excess tannin is Not an uncommon issue, I had that problem with 2010 pinot noir and fortunately 2012 pinot came in with nearly Identical specs and I blended the 2 vintages 1 part 2010 to 2 parts 2012 – best pinot I’ve ever made.  I used wine chips that Marcy carried in that wine.  Between chips and stix, I have not used a barrel in a long time. 
Since you have a small volume you may want to consider pvpp.   PVPP removes more tannin than gelatin and is easier to filter.  It does remove color, however. 
Gordon, the bloom of the gelatin we (sold) sell is 200.       HL (hetiliters) is 26.42 gallons.    I will stay with my instructions online as it is a lesser amount in comparison to the usage rate below, which I found at   Amerine (Technology of Winemaking)  rate for gelatin is 2 ounces for 100 gallons and no bloom factor indicated. 
When using gelatin, make sure it is in a warm solution large enough not to gel upon addition.  Add with plenty of agitation.  

If you search out rates in different references,  you will notice rates all over the board.  Start low will be good advice, hence the instructions given above on my site will stay as is. 

Gelatin Type - Bloom Strength.            Optimum usage rate.  hl + 26.42 US gallons
            A-267                                             90-100 g/hl
            A-210                                             80-90 g/hl
            A-195                                                 80 g/hl
            A-141                                             50-70 g/hl
            A-120                                             40-60 g/hl
            A-100                                             30-60 g/hl
            A-80                                               30-90 g/hl
A-60                                               25-100 g/hl


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