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 Drainer Italian for 45 bottles. The Italian Vinator fits on top of the top station

 Itailian Drain Tree for 45 bottles, extra stations available
 Drainer extra stations to build up from the 45 station unit.  Nine more bottles per level.  Sold separately.  drain tree stations for the Italian Drain Tree unit.
Drainer Econo for 45 bottles.
The Vinator rinser will not fit on the top of this rinser.
 econo drainer tree for 45 wine or beer bottles

 Drainer System: 
Fast Rack:  Winemakers:    
2 racks and 1 tray: 
24 wine 750 ml bottles

3 racks and 1 tray will hold 36 wine bottles.

Each rack for wine holds 12 750 ml bottles

One tray per set-up. 

Vertical footprint

No contact with inside of bottle once rinsed. 

Dishwasher safe

Compact for storage

Made in USA

fast rack wine double stack


fastrack single tray

Fastrack single rack for 12 wine bottles


May Your Wines Fall Bright!