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 REDULESS  for minor hydrogen sulfide problems.

When hydrogen sulfide is formed in detectible quantities, it will usually be toward the end of fermentation. You should smell your young wine during the first fermentation. If the rotten egg smell is evident, you should pre-treat the wine immediately, when the problem is first discovered.  

1. Rack your wine even if it is still fermenting. If the smell hasn't disappeared in 24 hours, rack again. Aerate and splash about.

2.  You may also bubble an inert gas such as carbon dioxide or nitrogen through the wine.

3.   Dose the wine with the recommended amount of a yeast nutrient. If you have Reduless, use that for the nutrient at this point.

Reduless is a new, proprietary formulation of inactivated yeast developed by Lallemand to improve the overall quality of both red and white wines. Its formulation is naturally rich in copper, making it a useful option to decrease H2S, dimethyl sulfide and other sulfur defects.

Reduless helps increase roundness and smoothness and can decrease phenol related defects. Grape varieties prone to negative sulfur compounds (such as Syrah, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay) particularly benefit when treated with it.

Recommended contact time is 48-72 hours.


100-150 ppm 10-15 g/hL 0.83-1.25 lb/1000 gal

0.378g to 0.568 g/gal or 1.89g to 2.84 g/ 5 gallons


Dissolve Reduless in 10 times its weight in water. Add immediately to tank. If prepared in advance, re-suspend the product prior to its addition. Additions can be made during pump-overs or during tank agitations/mixings. Recommended contact time is 48-72 hours after homogenization. Rack off or filter the wine when treatment is complete.

Maximum potential copper contribution when used according to recommendation is 0.02ppm


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