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WHERE DO I START?  Fall Bright is permanently closed:  
                                         2016 last catalog.

Start at Fall Bright, The Winemakers Shoppe! 
Great wines start at Fall Bright, May your wines Fall Bright!

Start making wine at Fall Bright.  We have the winemaking tips and info you need, books, containers, and other winemaking supplies, grapes and juices from our vineyard and a few other Finger Lakes vineyards.

Making wine at home:  Additives, yeast and juices are not in our equipment kit and will need to be purchased at the time of winemaking.  If you have your equipment, make a list of wants or needs.

We are unable to ship our juices and grapes 

  • Juice: 1/2 gallon more juice than you need for a finish volume of 5-7 gallons. OR  
  • Juice: The initial volume needed and plan on topping up with finished wine.   OR 
  • Red Grapes at the rate of 12-13 pounds per gallon if fermented on the skins  OR  
  • White Grapes at the rate of 15 pounds per gallon cold pressed.  Do not ferment white grapes on the skins.  They can be skin soaked for 6-8 hours.
            We will not press your white grape order while you wait. Please order juice!
  • Most all grape orders need to be placed in advance. 
  • Concentrate Wine Kits :Wine Concentrate Kits can be shipped. Not in stock on our floor but can be drop shipped.
    Vintners Classic Cellar Kits OR
    Spagnols Kits.  See our list or make a request.

·    Potassium Metabisulfite powder is an anti-oxidant and anti bacterial additive (anti-vinegar)  used at a 40-80 ppm (parts per million), which is 1/4 teaspoon per 5 gallons for a white or 1/8 teaspoons per 5 gallons for a red.  This is added at racking. It can also be used for cleaning and chasing chlorine rinses.

  • Campden tabs are a tablet form of Potassium or Sodium Metabisulfite for smaller batches (100 count)...

·     Corn sugar, dextrose, simple sugar to adjust the Brix of the juice to 21-23%.  5 pounds    If you use cane sugar, heat it in juice to dissolve and to convert to simple sugar.  Woops how much do you need?   We have a chart and the math you need right there.

·     Yeast, your pick, our recommendations, nitrogen sealed, vacuum packed for 5-6 gallons.  If you open a pack of yeast for just a 1 gallon batch, use the entire pack.  It does not store after opening.


May Your Wines Fall Bright!