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CHARDONNAY is Tom's favorite white Vinifera.  This wine is rich, yet delicate, complex and clean. It produces an exquisite wine. Generally finished dry, it can be made with or without oak. 

Many of our winemakers blend it with Seyval.  The original recommended blend was 25% Seyval and 75% Chardonnay.  We have numbers all over the board now!  Tom makes his straight.  The only blending he does with Chardonnay is with a lightly pressed Merlot for a serious blush he calls Eye of the Pa'tridge.  Yes, we do have grouse (Pa'tridge) in the area.   I have had the opportunity to stop in the road to watch a drumming grouse!

If making a sparkling wine from Chardonnay, it needs to be picked 2-3 weeks early for a brix of 18.  This would have to be a special order for grapes and a special effort.

Grown above the shop on Umbrella, this is a special clone from France.  We have misplaced its clone information.  If we ever find it we will let you know!  This site was planted in the mid 1980's and has been cared for by hand from pruning to picking. 



May Your Wines Fall Bright!