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 Champagne closures champagne closure plastic  Yes you need wire hoods if you use these closures, unless you are putting still wine in a champagne bottle.

Wire Hoods   champagne wire hood

Degorger    degorger for sparkling wine crown cap removal   Life time investment.

Crown caps, 26.5 mm and 29 mm:   American sparkling bottles.   crown caps plain gold plastic lined 26 mm  We have them in plain gold with a plastic liner and misc label, subject to change. 

Order 29 mm (100 count packs, plain gold with plastic liners) for European champagne bottle AND the 29 mm bell.

The 29 mm housing fits the double lever Emily or red baron capper and is not included with the capper. The bell on the capper is for 26.5 mm beer bottle caps.

Biduls, biduls for sparkling wine making 26 mm for American sparkling bottles and 29 mm for European bottles crown cap, are for use under (with) crown caps.


May Your Wines Fall Bright!