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This mid-19th century seedling has currently (2002) been determined by DNA analysis to be a cross between the Chasselas variety and an undefined Muscat varietal grape. Muscat Ottonel is fairly widely grown in the cooler regions of central and eastern Europe,  it is best utilized as a late harvest white wine.


Promising results from trials of the Muscat Ottonel clone NY 62.122.1 are reported in the Finger Lakes region of Western N.Y. where it reportedly has similar cold hardiness characteristics to those of the Gewürtraminer.  Thy are  both very tender,   Muscat Ottonel is moderately resistant to bunchrot.  Tom has ours trellised on a modified flachbogen trellis system.  It usually ripens in early-mid September.


We recommend Lalvin 71B or Cotes des Blanc with a sweet finish to bring out the fruit.  We have a winemaker who is freeze concentrating Muscat Ottonel for a special dessert wine.  We do not leave it on the vine for a late harvest.  


May Your Wines Fall Bright!