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Brewing Equipment Kit

Primary fermenter (7.8 gallon) and lid drilled for a grommet
bottling bucket (7.8 gallon) side drilled for and including a
3/8 bottling spigot
hydrometer beer 0-20 brix
one step cleaner
thermometer 5" floating
siphon and bottling set-up:
straight racking rod
5' tubing,
bottle filler, spring loaded
and bucket clip
1 gross plain gold crown caps
twin lever capper
beer bottle brush
equipment instructions.
book: Quality Brewing by Burch
Basic Brewing by Tom Mitchell,

This kit does not include crown neck beer bottles. It is recommended that you NOT use screw cap bottles. Get the crown cap finish. Look at your beverage bottle return shops for the best buy on beer bottles. They are 5 cents in NYS. Offer 10 cents. If your friends drink beer, make sure that they get their beer in a crown cap finished bottle, rinse after using and give it to you!

Seasoned brewers are observing that the older glass is thicker than the newer bottles.


May Your Wines Fall Bright!