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AIRLOCKS and BUNGS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

     airlock double

AIRLOCKS   What are these? 
They may
 be called water traps or water locks.
We carry a twin bubble airlock and a three piece cylinder airlock. Airlocks are important for all home wine and beer makers.  Affixed to the top of a closed fermenter by inserting in a bored bung and filled half way with water, they allow the escape of carbon dioxide gas produced by fermentation. The gas bubbles up through the water. The water prevents any outside air from entering the fermenter. This helps to prevent possible contamination from airborne microbes. The covers are not airtight and while allowing carbon dioxide to escape, they keep out fruit flies and other small creatures.

This is not a triple ripple airlock anymore, just flat walls and are 7" long. The stem is wider on these airlocks than some others we have had in years past. Take care in inserting them into the bung.

Watching bubbling airlocks becomes a serious pastime of home brewers and vintners. The cylinder airlocks are not as much fun to watch as the twin bubble airlocks, but come apart for easier cleaning. Some of the “bubble” airlocks have smooth rather than bubbled sides.  

NOTE: Check your water level in the airlock frequently. They can go dry. Some wine makers use colored water to help visibility. Some use a metabisulfite solution for airlocks. 

plastic cap airlock holder 38 mm   38 mm screw cap lid with a hole in center for gallon jugs, takes the 3 piece cylinder airlock well, but not the twin bubble ones. Ours look better than the image. 










May Your Wines Fall Bright!