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Yeast: LALVIN  packed in 5 gram nitrogen sealed packets 
Determine the finish of your wine then chose the yeast. 

Before you start making your wine, you need to decide on how you want it to finish and which wine yeast and brix will give you those results.  These yeast are in 5 gram packs rated for 1-6 gallons.  Re-hydration is recommended. 


Lalvin EC-1118 (Prise de Mousse), alcohol tolerance to 18%,is a rapid starting yeast that settles well with low foaming characteristics.  It exhibits a killer factor, which is a protein produced that is capable of inhibiting or even killing a sensitive yeast.  If you start with this yeast, stay with it. It is tolerant to cold and SO2 tolerant to 50 PPM. EC-1118 is nitrogen efficient yeast. It is recommended for grapes low in nutrients i.e. Chardonnay and Seyval. 

If you are planning a malolactic fermentation, do NOT use EC 1118. EC-1118 produces SO2 that can interfere with a malolactic fermentation.

Lalvin K1V-1116, alcohol tolerance to 16%, also exhibits a killer factor, which is a protein produced that is capable of inhibiting or even killing a sensitive yeast.  If you start with this yeast, stay with it.  KIV-1116 has good activity at high temperatures and is a fast starter.   It is used to restart stuck fermentations and is an all purpose red/white wine yeast.

Lalvin 71B-1122, alcohol tolerance to 14%, is a specific strain selected for its production of fruity aromatics. It is recommended for Gamay and “Vin Nouveau”  such as Foch Nouveau, fruity whites Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Cayuga, Vidal, Niagara, Diamond, Delaware, plus Concord, Leon Millot, and other fruit wines. wines. It promotes development of malolactic bacteria by reducing malic acid levels and by slightly increasing the pH.   It may or may not finish bone dry.


Lalvin D-47, alcohol tolerance to 14%, is recommended by Lalvin for whites, rosé, meads, and malolactic fermentations. Yeast nutrient is advised. It is a low foaming, quick fermenter that settles a compact lees. It tolerates temperatures from 50-86 degrees. It is recommended for white varieties, Rosé, mead, fruit wines, Chardonnay in combination with a malolactic fermentation.


Lalvin QA-23, alcohol tolerance to 16%.   QA 23 (saccharomyces bayanus) is a low foaming yeast that ferments at lower temperatures in clear or nearly clear white must with low nutrient content (Chardonnay, Seyval and others).  It needs less aeration (O2 present) and nutrient.  It enhances citrus fruit qualities with aromatic white grapes.  There is low SO2 production and less H2S production.  It was recently packed in 5 gram packs for the amateur winemaker.


Lalvin RC 212, alcohol tolerance to 14%, was selected for its ability to ferment a traditional heavier-style Burgundian Pinot Noir. It is a low foaming, moderate-speed fermenter with an optimum fermentation temperature of 60 to 86o F. 


Lalvin BM 4x4  Lalvin BM 4X4® is a blend of BM45 and a complimen­tary strain chosen by Lallemand to provide all the advantages of BM45 with even greater reliability under difficult conditions.

  • Positive interaction between strains means a more dependable fermentation together with increased aromatic intensity, color intensity and length of finish. Lalvin BM 4x4 is based on dynamic synergy of specific yeast strains to optimize the sensory profile of the wine and with reliable fermentation kinetics. This new concept combines the unparalleled advantages of Lalvin BM 45 - known and appreciated around the world for contributing to round mouth feel and stable color - with the capability to consistently complete fermentations in diverse and difficult conditions.

BM 4x4 is not recommended if you are planning a malolactic fermentation   

BM 4x4 is not on the below chart! 



LALVIN WINE YEAST chart Here is a table showing the characteristics of each Lalvin strain we carry. from:   Choose the one that suits your needs.
E.V.C.: Enhances Varietal Character



  RC 212 ICV D-47 71B-1122 ICV K1V-1116 EC-1118
DRY WHITES * **** ** *** ***
BLUSH OR R.S. WHITES * **** **** ** **
NOUVEAU * * **** ** **
YOUNG REDS **** * **** ** **
AGED REDS **** * ** *** ***
CHAMPAGNE BASE * * * ** ****
LATE HARVEST * * *** *** ****
TEMP. RANGE (CELCIUS) 20°- 30° 15°- 20° 15°- 30° 10°- 35° 10°- 30°
ALCOHOL TOLERANCE (% /VOL.) 16% 14% 14% 18% 18%


May Your Wines Fall Bright!