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When hydrogen sulfide is formed in detectible quantities, it will usually be toward the end of fermentation. You should smell your young wine during the first fermentation. If the rotten egg smell is evident, you should pre-treat the wine immediately, when the problem is first discovered.   

1. Rack your wine even if it is still fermenting. If the smell hasn't disappeared in 24 hours, rack again. Aerate and splash about.  If the problem still exist, then...

2.  You may also bubble an inert gas such as carbon dioxide or nitrogen through the wine.

2. Dose the wine  (up to 2 times) with the recommended amount of a yeast derivative Reduless If this treatment fails,  then Copper Sulfate is a serious consideration.  Be prompt.  more reading

Prevention of hydrogen sulfide 

See drop down menu for instructions for each of these items.  We are no longer able to supply Bocksin, which was wonderful for this problem 



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