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Acidex Super K

contains potassium bicarbonate (99%) and potassium bitartrate (1%).

(We do not carry this item, you may blend your own.)

Please note that Acidex Super-K should not be confused with regular Acidex. Acidex is a brand name of a Calcium Carbonate based reduction powder that is used to treat high tartaric and also high malic acid wine before fermentation.

Acidex Super-K is a brand new, simple-to-use tartaric acid reduction powder. It works by neutralizing, and "seeding", which is an acceleration of the formation and precipitation of naturally occurring tartaric acid crystals with the addition of potassium bitartrate. You must cold stabilize to finalize this process.

Acidex Super-K contains Potassium Bicarbonate and Potassium Bitartrate and may be used after fermentation. It does however, slightly raise potassium levels and increases the pH of the wine.  

Note: this product tends to become one solid chunk. This is perfectly normal and the product will work fine.

DIRECTIONS from our supplier: Wine must be stabilized & fined first. Add 1.2g/L directly to high acid/low pH wine (wine should be greater than 1.0 TA and less than 3.0 pH). Stir vigorously for 1 minute. Reduces TA by .1g/L. CAUTION: DO NOT add more than 3 oz (83g) total to 6 US gallons (23L) of wine. Cold stabilize for 2 weeks before racking off of the tartrate precipitate.

Marcy notes that 1.2 g/L is equivalent to 4.54 grams per gallon. The rate for use of straight Potassium bicarbonate is 3.4 grams per gallon. With the shift in the pH, we would use a lesser amount and employ a pH meter.

To reduce the TA (total acid) greater than 0.25 to 0.3g/L, use Calcium Carbonate prior to fermentation.


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