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CROWN CAPS and SCREW CAPS  crown caps, grolsch seals, screw caps

CROWN CAPS   standard 26.5 mm (144 Gross) for beer bottles and American sparkling bottles.   crown caps plain gold plastic lined 26 mm  We have them in plain gold with a plastic liner and misc label, subject to change. 

Order 29 mm (10
0 count packs, plain gold with plastic liners) for European champagne bottle AND the 29 mm bell.

Th29 mm housing fits the double lever Emily or red baron capper and is not included with the capper. The bell on the capper is for 26.5 mm beer bottle caps.

Grolsch seals for sparkling wines in this type of beer bottle.


28 mm caps fit a coke or pepsi bottle for your information for testing a bottle for size.   Our caps are white plastic with foam liners.  If you are saving screw top bottles for your friends SAVE THE CAP!

30mm wine fit odd size bottles and are difficult to find.  The ones we have are metal black only with paper liners that can curl if soaked. 

38 mm fit a standard gallon jug bottle. If metal, the liners are paper and curl when soaked to disinfect.  Either soak them briefly or order Plastic with foam liners.



May Your Wines Fall Bright!