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 Hybrid Blends at Fall Bright

1984 was probably the first year that Tom introduced a juice that had had the acid and sugar adjusted for the novice winemaker. It was called 'Red Blend - our specialty". It was later called Baron's Blend. We also needed a rose wine, which we called Maiden's Blush. For the winemaker who would get the two mixed up, I would tell them that Baron's don't blush, maidens do. We had to have a white blend also.

All of our blends are created with premium French hybrid varieties. The Baron's Blend is a blend of Chancellor, Chelois, (Baco, when we had it), deChaunac and Colobel, plus Foch and Leon Millot. It is a dark hearty bodied Bordeaux style. Even our serious advance amateur winemakers order this. It has placed in the NYS Fair competition and we get calls every year for component information for the fair entry form.

The Prince's (red) Blend, that was new in 2004, was a blend of Foch, Leon Millot, Chelois and Chancellor and was not offered this year due to moderate crop shortage and loss of the Chelois block. It was a medium bodied, complex Burgundy style and we had hoped to offer it again, but never did.  The Chelois has been replanted and is in production.  We'll see about offering the Prince again.

The Maidens Blush was originally a blend of Aurore, Cayuga and Chelois. With a moderate crop of Chelois, we often use another red for the blush. It is a more fruity light wine and our winemakers like to ferment it with 71B or Cotes des Blanc with a sweet finish.

The White Blend has evolved into a Queen's blend with the addition of Vignoles and Vidal to the Seyval, Aurore base. Tom has jiggled this blend around for the last 2-3 years and it is gaining in popularity.  He now calls it Contessa Bella since the addition of Chardonnay. 

We want to thank all our winemakers for their business this year.... and what a year it has been (2005) with a hot summer, hot fall with rapid ripening and early picking. Everything was early this year except the blends! Sugars are moderate to excellent, acids are low and some need to be adjusted up. October 13 was 80 degrees and on the 14th Tom wanted to know where his long johns were. We still have some juices left, so call the shop or stop by. Have a safe fall and winter.

May your wines fall bright!


May Your Wines Fall Bright!