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Marcy Mitchell, 5443 Dutch St.,  Dundee, NY 14837  Near Wayne, NY

The Fall Bright juice plant is permanently closed

Concords in my yard are Free to anyone who wants to pick! I have pulled out most of the Concords by the house.  There are 2 panels left.   They are NOT sprayed. 

HOWEVER,  I will not be providing any crop updates regarding frost damage, hail damage, early or late ripening situations.   

2022 hail damage Concord

Image above is hail damage in 2022.

You may still call me with your winemaking questions!  Did you lose your sugar chart, it is here!
Email me with your questions and I may be able to help.     


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The Juice and Winemaking supply shop is closed.  

Local juice plants that ALSO carry juices, grapes and supplies:

Randall Standish Vineyards 
Randal Standish Vineyard and juice plant, Naples, NY 585-394-6420

Fulkerson's Winery 


Chancellor, Chelois, DeChaunac, Leon Millot and  Foch are no longer available through me. This red hybrid block was sold in 2017 to
McGregor's Vineyard and Winery

2016 was the last year of the Mitchell's (Marcy) running the juice plant.  The vineyard and juice plant plus the house have been sold to Morten and Lisa Hallgren of Ravines Winery, signing December 15, 2016.  They are not continuing the juice plant or winemaking supplies.  Tom passed away December 1, 2015. Thank you for all.






May Your Wines Fall Bright!