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    Inventory PRICES reduced.  All inventory is on Dutch St.  
Call to order, if you want.  The online cart has closed, but I can still send orders out and take credit cards from the house. 

Call 607-368-3449 if you want to meet me here. 

Please call my cell at 607-368-3449

The Hyatt Hill real estate has been sold to Morten Hallgren of Ravines Winery and White Springs, signing December 15, 2016. This means the Vineyard on Hyatt Hill, an empty barn and walk in coolers plus any equipment that was purchased by the buyer AND the house at 10121 Hyatt Hill across the road that has been our residence for a long time.

I have moved to 5443 Dutch St.  There are still vineyards on Dutch St: Red Hybrids(Foch, Leon Millot, Chancellor Chelois, DeChanac)
plus Vignoles and Aurore.  2017, Yes we are working those vines!  Grapes are for sale. 

Property lots are for sale.

50% off on all in stock supplies.      

Tom passed away December 1, 2015. 

I want to thank you for your business through the years (1978).  It tickles me pink when our winemakers who did business with us in the 80's, 90's and
other years past, stop by and buy a tank or two and indicate our help
and influence in their becoming wineries or commercial winemakers. 
The list is long. 

It pleased Tom and me to no end that our amateur winemakers could out
perform the commercial wineries back in the day with a better wine,
home made.  It resulted in the commercial big boys standing up and
paying attention to producing a better quality wine, to compete with the
amateur and small farm wineries.  

The wine industry in the Finger Lakes Wine Region in central NYS has
changed a lot in the last 40 years.   You have all helped put the
Finger Lakes Wine Region on the map!  Thank you all. 
May your wines Fall Bright!  Marcy 

I have building lots and vineyards for sale on Dutch St. after and below McGregor's Vineyard and Winery.

Mike Hanna from Realtyusa has had it listed.
His number is 607-684-0014 or 607-569-2020

Stop by and take a look, scroll around our site. I am selling OUT OF winemaking supplies. Fall Bright was chock full of supplies.  www.fallbright.com is forwarded here. I can still take credit cards. 
Supplies are on 5443 Dutch St. near Wayne, NY, Dundee, NY 14837

Call me at 607-368-3449 if you want to meet me there.   

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May Your Wines Fall Bright!