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TRAMINETTE is a cross of JS 23-416 X Gewurztraminer (65.0533.13). It was released by the Cornell Geneva Experiment Station in 1996.  

Traminette is moderately hardy and ripens later in the season.  It tends to over-crop.   If it is not fruit thinned, it can struggle to ripen. These two factors can result in a lower brix and higher acid. If the acid is too high, adjust before or after fermentation or finish sweet to balance.

In the year 2011 or maybe it was 2009, we used 25% water to lower the acid prior to bottling a sweet traminette. It has been very nice and enjoyed by all our family!  We generally do not recommend this much of water for acid correction, but in some years you really have to be a winemaker! 

The recommended yeast is Lalvin 71B-1122 or Red Star Cotes des Blanc finishing with a slight residual sugar to enhance the fruit and spice. This delicate grape can yield a very aromatic, fruity wine.  

We would imagine that it is not a long living wine and would be best drunk young.


May Your Wines Fall Bright!