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Cayuga Whiteformerly GW-3, is a cross of Seyval (French Hybrid) and Schuyler (American) and was named by Cornell University in the early 1970s. It is one of the more productive and disease -resistant varieties grown in New York.  The vine is moderately hardy with similar leaf and growth characteristics to Vitis labruscana varieties.  Its excellent cultural characteristics, high wine quality and versatility promise an important future for this variety.  The white grape clusters are medium to large in size.   Tom has our Cayuga on a double trunk modified umbrella kniffen system.  Some trunk and bud damage can be expected following cold episodes, as it is only moderately cold hardy.  Trunks are routinely replaced every 6-8 years.

The wines are pleasant and Germanic in style when the fruit is harvested prior to full ripeness.   We have found that the best wine is made when the brix is around 18 degrees.   Marcy calls Cayuga (and Vidal) a poor man's Riesling.  It can make a very appealing semi-sweet wine, which enhances the delicate flavor and aroma.  First on the palate is a showing of green apples and/or lime peel. The second taste is reminiscent of delicate pineapple & pear along with a lingering finish of tantalizing apricot.   We have also found barrel aged dry, less fruity Cayuga to be quite nice.  Try it with oak, if you desire. 

Harvesting around 18 brix, it makes it a candidate for a sparkling wine, as well.  It is an excellent blender, used in the production of white and rose wines.

Serve Cayuga with most fruits and desserts, sharp cheese, fried chicken or barbecued chicken or port and light cream based herb sauces, quiche and mild appetizers. 



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