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Delaware is a Native American hybrid grape of largely unknown parentage although some optimistic persons believe it to have some V. vinifera somewhere in its lineage. It was found in Delaware County in Ohio in the early 1800s.   Delaware is an American type grape with the best fruity notes and the least labrusca foxiness.  


Of considerable historic and commercial interest, the variety has been in cultivation since the middle of the 19th century.   Today, this versatile grape still finds itself commercially valuable in the Northeast and Midwest, where it is widely used in the production of everything from dry to sweet wines including ice wine.  It would be a good candidate for the amateur to make a freeze concentrate ice wine from, as Delaware is cheaper than some other varieties.  (FREEZE CONCENTRATION IN HOME WINEMAKING by Lamont Beers in the Fall 2003 AWS journal).   

Delaware also makes a sparkling white wine of good quality.  


When pressed the juice is a rose color, which will result in a white or pale-pale rose wine. If used in blending, any more than 10% will show its Delaware character.  It is popular as a table fruit having sweet, lower acid, small tasty pink-red berries with small seeds and is a slip skin.    Our customers favor it for a rose drinking juice and Luci likes it for a jelly.  If you use it for jelly, add lemon juice for a better balance, as it tends to have a moderate acid!  


The vine can be very productive when grafted onto phylloxera resistant rootstock and planted on fertile well-drained soil.  It is susceptible to fungal diseases, which has limited its use commercially.  Delaware is an early-ripening variety with small red berries, small clusters, and a mild flavor. Birds are a serious problem in the vineyard when the Delaware starts to color.  It is a battle as to who gets it first and in order to save the crop, we sometimes pick it a wee bit too soon.   



May Your Wines Fall Bright!