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Crop outlook 2007: 
The grapes look good and we were thankful for finally getting some rains in late June and July. We have put 2400 replacement vines in the ground this year to conclude replanting the 2004 and 2005 vine kill.

Gamay Beaujolais and Cabernet Sauvignon on Hyatt Hill and some of the more tender clones of Pinot Noir on Dutch Street were a near total loss and will not be replanted. Instead Tom has set Clones 113 & 115 of Pinot Noir in place of the Gamay Beaujolais and Gamay Noir in place of the tender Pinot Noir clones (Dutch St.) and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The so-called Gamay Beaujolais is a clone of Pinot Noir.   Gamay Noir is a red vinifera hybrid of Pinot Noir and an ancient white variety Gouais (Goo-wah). Gouais is a central European variety that was probably introduced to northeastern France by the Romans (University of California). It will be at least three years before the first crop of Gamay Noir is harvested. We will continue to purchase Cabernet Sauvignon from quality growers on better sites. We think there is great potential for Gamay Noir in the Finger Lakes. Gamay Noir information:

Don’t despair! We still have a block of the hardier clones of Pinot Noir above the shop to meet your needs!


May Your Wines Fall Bright!