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How much to add? nice additive addition reduction tool 

Acid TA and g/L issue for use of the tool at 

0.78 TA is same as 7.8 g/L for winebusiness/tool site

Dear Winemakers!

The Vintage of 2009 was a challenge to commercial and amateur  winemakers! 

We had to use up to 25% water for some of the high acid 2009 French Hybrids and Vinifera wines plus sweetening to finish.   One of those wines adjusted with 25% water was Traminette!  We were trying to finish bottling and we were expanding the task!  It was a wonderful wine with favorable comments from all who enjoyed it!  We just had the last bottle with Thanksgiving 2013.  Tom had hid it away. 

Tom adjusted acids in the fall of 2009 using the pH as a guide line rather than maximum TA reduction.   You may have to think outside normal post-fermentation recommendations for finishing some wines with a high acid.  

If you are fermenting on the skins and the acid is high, consider water at that time.  It does not shift the pH and yes, you will have to adjust the sugar from 0 to 21 brix, but this usually works out for most.   We don't usually like to go over 10-15% water addition, but 2009 warranted more. 

If the pH needs a shifting, then use the (potassium) bicarbonate, but you must cold stabilize to finish the equation.  Use both.     

If you use Calcium Carbonate, use it before fermentation.  It takes a long time to drop out.  See the instructions for each suggestion in the drop down menu.

Acidex instructions are in this group in the drop down menu, as some winemakers still have it in their supply cupboard and need the instructions.    It is no long available to us.    


May Your Wines Fall Bright!