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What equipment do I need to start making my own wine at home?  What wine making supplies should I have?  Help!

We can provide you all you need to start making your own wine.  To simplify the list of stuff you need, pick up our basic winemaking equipment kit. There is NOT any juice or ingredient kit nor chemicals, or yeast included with this equipment kit.  Need more items?  There are more items that help, but this is a basic list.

Our Basic Starter kits include a
7.8 gallon fermenting bucket with a drilled lid with a grommet for an airlock
bucket opener
one 3 or 5 or 6 gallon PET carboy 
one Buon Vino drilled stopper (bung),
a 3 piece airlock
a triple scale hydrometer and a jar
a self-adhesive fermentation thermometer
a 21” rigid racking wand for 3/8 tubing
5 feet of 3/8 tubing
a spring bottle filler 3/8" tubing
wine bottle brush
B-Brite (8 ounces) cleaner 
and a beginner book 
"Enjoy Home Winemaking"

The starter kit does not include a corker, corks. They may be ordered at
bottling time or purchase a DELUXE KIT. 

The DELUXE Kit, (regardless of jug size) includes all the basics that are in the
Starter Equipment Kit

a double-wing corker with an adjustable ram

# 9 X 1 3/4 agglomerated corks:

16 count for 3 gallon set up
25 count for 5 gallon set up
30 count for 6 gallon set up

Either kit will get you started with containers to pick up your grapes or juice in.

When you are ready to make wine, you will also need to purchase:

Yeast and Potassium Metabisulfite

In 6 months or so, you will need corks and a corker or screw caps and wine bottles.   If you are bottling a sweet wine, you will need Potassium Sorbate at this time, also. 


May Your Wines Fall Bright!