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For your information only,  I do not carry or drop ship concentrates. 


RJ SPAGNOLS Cellar Classic Kits:

Cellar Classic wine kits contain 15 liters of premium juice and concentrate, which means you add very little water to make 23 liters of wine. You'll end up with wines that are brilliantly clear and bursting with rich, full aromas and flavors.
Ratings go from 0 to 5 with 5 being the most, 0 none with ranges in between


Winexpert’s original 28-day winemaking kit line is formulated with 10 liters of pure varietal grape juice and grape juice concentrate. The kits come complete with all the additives and yeast needed for the particular variety. Using “state of the art” aseptic, nitrogen purged packaging methods, all of the acids, pH, sugars and tannin levels are perfectly balanced and the kits require no additonal testing. Each kit yields six gallons of wine or 23 liters. 

Each kit makes 30 - 750ml bottles and is ready to bottle in approximately 4 weeks. Best aged a couple of months.

INSTRUCTIONS: NOTE. There was an update given in instructions from the supplier regarding topping up your wine with water. New instructions say NOT to top up with water. Use wine, I told you so....


Speciale Premium Wine Kits showcase a variety of specialty wines which are nothing short of remarkable. All these wines are true to their style, with exciting, aromatic bouquets and flavorful finishings that will amaze even the connoisseurs.

Speciale kits are packaged in a 12 or 12.3 liter format and each kit produces three gallons
of wine.






Basic instructions for the 12 liter Winexpert Special kits (pdf)


Root Beer  A natural carbonation, as is found in priming home made root beer, will produce alcohol.  SO,  If for the boy scout troop, FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS and use cane sugar and NOT corn sugar!  Drink really young at the first hint of spritz (day 3 or so).  If you wait overlong, the adult leaders will have a lot of root beer to drink!!




May Your Wines Fall Bright!