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Red Star 

Red Star Cotes des Blanc (formerly Epernay 2), Alcohol 12-14%, is a slow fermenting, low foaming yeast strain that enhances fruit flavor and aroma. We recommend it for Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Cayuga, Vidal, Niagara and Diamond. This yeast is more SO2 and temperature sensitive and tends to slow down or stick. It is a good choice if you want fruity wines with residual sugar.  For a sweet finish a nice starting brix or sugar is 23-24 percent (expressed as degrees).  OR  You could also adjust the initial brix to 20-21 and ferment dry or as close to it as Cotes des Blancs will get and sorbate and adjust the sweetness with cane sugar to taste.

Avoid this yeast if you desire a dry finish.

Red Star Pasteur Champagne, alcohol 13-16%, (Saccharomyces bayanus) This yeast has a higher tolerance of SO2 and will tend to ferment vigorously to dryness. Give it more shoulder room in a carboy for its vigorous fermentation. It settles nicely and achieves a dry finish. 


Red Star Montrachet, alcohol 13-15%, produces a fast fermentation with good SO2  tolerance. It is preferred by many winemakers for an austerely dry finish.  It also needs more headspace for a vigorous initial fermentation. Yeast nutrient is especially recommended with this and with all yeast to minimize hydrogen sulfide problems. It is traditionally used with Chardonnay for a dry finish.


Red Star Pasteur Red (a strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae), alcohol tolerance: ~14-15%, is a strong, even fermenter that produces full-bodied reds. It is necessary to ferment cool to prevent unwanted temperature increase due to fermentation.

Red Star Premier Cuvee (Saccharomyces bayanus) alcohol to 18%, low foaming and is the fastest, cleanest and most neutral fermenter of the Red Star Wine range.   Able to ferment within a wide temperature range: 7°C - 35°C (45°F - 95°F).   Especially recommended for Prise de mousse and to re-start stuck fermentation. 


May Your Wines Fall Bright!