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Diamond is a native (white) variety cross that smells and taste like pineapple juice when it is fresh. It is a popular drinking juice among our customers. It tends to have a moderate to low acid and a moderate (18-20) brix.

We like to finish it sweet to bring out the fruit. Cotes des Blanc is the yeast of choice for most of our winemakers making Diamond.

Diamond is a very old variety that is gaining in popularity.  Also known as Moore's Diamond, it dates to 1885 when Jacob Moore of Brighton, NY crossed Concord with the Iona grape.  We have had it trained to a high wire cordon but changed it to Umbrella a couple of years ago.  It has responded well, in spite of reading that it does better on a cordon with spur pruning rather than cane pruning. 

At the Commercial Riverside International Competition in CA this summer (2005), the Goose Watch (Seneca Lake) Diamond was voted "Best of Show White Wine" ahead of over 1,000 other white wines from throughout the world including popular varieties like Chardonnay, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc. The sponsors and most of the participating wineries must have been shocked and amazed when the best of show was announced. 





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