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Wooden #3: 7" long
Wooden #4: 8.5" long
Wooden #5: 9.5" long

You may wish to drill a spigot hole before filling with wine. Different size spigots will require different size holes. Size your spigot in a hole cut in paper or cardboard first. Drill a hole in the head or end of the barrel near the rim. Place a tapered cork in the hole. Make sure your cork fits the hole chosen for your spigot. A #14 cork fits a 1” hole. When the cork gets wet, it will swell and keep the hole from leaking. Hopefully you don’t have a cat that will worry the cork until it comes out. (We winemakers can tell some of the most incredible horror stories!) When you are ready to transfer your wine from the barrel, cut the cork flush with the head and drive the spigot into the barrel with a rubber mallet. You may omit the spigot hole and transfer with a racking rod and siphon or a small pump.


May Your Wines Fall Bright!