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 Stoltzfus Root Beer Extract Extract:   
4 oz.  Root Beer Ingredients: Caramel color, water, propylene glycol, acacia gum, sugar, syrup, citric acid, sodium benzoate. Contains sulfites. 

This will make 5 gallons. 


Dissolve eight cups of table or cane sugar, one half teaspoon powdered yeast, one bottle of root beer extract in 5 gallons of warm water. Mix together well until the sugar is dissolved and pour into pop, beer or champagne bottles.  Fill bottles within one half inch of the top and place crown caps. Place bottles in warm spot (70-80 degrees) The product should be spritzy and ready to drink in 2 days. Refrigerate after opening.     

 Root Beer Soda and Pop

Homemade Root Beer Soda and Pop  (Stephen Cresswell)  a short cut carbonation system

 A natural carbonation, as is found in priming home made root beer, will produce alcohol.  SO,  If for the boy scout troop, FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS and use cane sugar and NOT corn sugar!  Drink really young at the first hint of spritz (day 3 or so).  If you wait overlong, the adult leaders will have a lot of root beer to drink!!




May Your Wines Fall Bright!