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GEWÜRZTRAMINER is spicy, fruity, and elegant. It produces exceptional wines. Served with spicy foods, it is an interesting pairing with Chinese foods or German brats!  We realize that this pairing is like having the prince and the pauper at the same table.  It is best finished sweet to enhance the fruit.

We pick by taste and by that time, the pH is too high and the TA is low!  Skin contact for 4-8 hours after crushing and de-stemming is recommended to capture the fruit.  This is more stress on the pH issue.  The old time winemakers used to advise skin contact until the pH went to hell and press it fast! 

Adjust the TA up to a normal 0.70 - 0.80 or higher if finishing sweet and the pH will usually shift to a more desirable number.  For this sort of winemaking correction, use tartaric acid.  If  you over do the acid, tartaric is more easily adjusted just by cold stabilizing. IF you adjust with citric acid and overshoot, adjustment is by water and we do not advise that.  So avoid citric acid and acid blends that contain citric acid. 

Gewurztraminer is a very tender variety in the cold climate vineyard!  and the deer love it!  We struggle to have every drop, so order early and pray. 


May Your Wines Fall Bright!