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I have acreage on 5443 Dutch St, Dundee, NY.  This fire number (5443 Dutch St.) is for the house north of McGregor's Vineyard on the right and a search will locate the entire piece.  Google puts the marker in the middle of no where.  

Lot 5: Goodwin Hill Rd, 5.7 acres  last 2 digits of tax parcel indicates the lot #. 
Any vineyards you see on this map have been removed in Lot 5.

Lot 7: Dutch St, 9.13 acres    Any vineyards you see on this map have been removed in Lot 7.

Lots showing survey lines 1.5 and 1.7 are for sale

Lot 7 is mostly open land on a nice slope.  There is a tractor road on the north of this lot and south of of the gully that goes straight uphill. 

The property pin is in the middle of the vineyard on the top of the hill. 

There is also an old pond site on the lower part of this lot .  Watch out for cat tails if you come by and drive around without my knowledge or permission.  They indicate a very wet area.  If you get stuck by a bunch of cat-tails, I will not be able to help you. 

There would be a good source of water some place, I am sure.  Plus there was a house and barn site that are now just depressions in the earth set back from the road. 




May Your Wines Fall Bright!