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Keuka Gordon Setters Kennel.  We had several litters and are retired from this currently.  I know Tom would like to do it again, down the road...

Genie and Gunsmoke Rising 2001 breeding

Dam: "Genie"
10-22-95 to 4-29-2003
We lost Genie to Hyatt Hill.

Genie on point
"Genie locked-up on a covey"

Gordon`Ach Shadow Dancer


PennHip (top 1/2 of breed)

She was a small Gordon (35 lb.) well built, extremely intelligent, very athletic, capable, intense and eager to please. Genie has a very laid-back mellow demeanor until she hits the field; there, she becomes a bird finding dynamo.

Sire: "Smokey"

Smokey Gunsmoke Rising

NFC, FC, AFC Gunsmoke Rising

AKC, FDSB, OFA (good)
AKC - DNA registered/certified stud

Smokey is owned and campaigned by S. Basham. He is a well-conditioned, 60 lb. bird finding machine with a beautiful flowing run and breathtaking points. Smoky is also a very mellow house companion.



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