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One of our winemakers was annoyed by air leaks between the racking wand and the tubing. This is how he fixed it. 

John Guest Fittings - How to make a connection...

SO, I have a 3/8 quick connect on both end and of course, the 3/8 tubing won't fit in it, however, the 5/16 tubing will with persuasion (hot water). This leaves us with a dilemma on the other end of the tubing in getting a 3/8 inch bottle filler on. That can also be attached by softening the tubing in hot water.

I know that life is too short for all these things, but the less than perfect fit between racking wand and tubing is annoying to several of our winemakers.

 I have in a pinch, used dental floss (waxed), wrapping it around the tubing then forcing that on. I don't think the flavor of the floss interfered with the wine. Tom has not complained any about bubble gum wine....

John Guest Fittings — How to Make a Connection

Step 1 - Assemble the connection
Connecting standard John Guest push-in fittings. Push up to pipe stop.

John Guest fitting connect

Push the pipe into the fitting, to the pipe stop. The collet (gripper) has stainless steel teeth which hold the pipe firmly in position while the 'O' Ring provides a permanent leak proof seal.

Pull to check secure

John Guest fitting

Pull on the pipe to check it is secure. It is good practice to test the system prior to leaving site and/or before use.

Disconnecting standard John Guest push-in fittings

John Guest fitting disconnect.

Ensure system is depressurized before removing fittings. Push in the collet against the face of the fitting. With the collet held in this position the pipe can be removed. The fitting can then be re-used.

This is very snug. I guess I would leave it connected to the tubing.



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