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         RINSERS for water rinses:  Getting used bottles clean and ready!

Attach 'washers' or rinsers to a laundry tub faucet and the washer is ready to work for you.From personal experience, we found that the adaptors available in any hardware store that allow you to use the jet rinser and the single blast washers on your kitchen faucet (as opposed to a laundry faucet), weakened the faucet, resulting in it's replacement.

You may need the adaptor for a laundry faucet.

If you do not have a laundry faucet to use, order the double blast rinser. The hook up does not put any pressure on the faucet itself. The unit sits in your sink and is a lot cheaper than replacing the kitchen faucet, however it does require the faucet adaptor available below or from your local hardware store.


Vintage Shop stainless steel bottle rinser  Fermtech single blast rinser for faucet  This gives a fresh water rinse to the initial task of
cleaning bottles.  Turn the faucet on and the water will squirt up the unit when a bottle is pushed down on it.  

faucet adaptor   You may need an adaptor.  Double blast rinser has removable parts.  Take care not to lose them.  double blast rinser



Vinator, Italian, fits on top of Italian drainer or can be used as a table top unit.

Vinator rinser, use as a table top or on top of the Italian drain tree.





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