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Tannin in Excess

Gelatin is excellent for reducing tannin in red wines as gelatin needs tannin present to work.

To remove excess tannin from a red wine, fine with gelatin without adding any additional tannin. This attraction between gelatin and tannin is great for a red wine that has too much tannin. 

If you add too much to a wine or there is too much naturally, tannin can be removed with the use of gelatin at the rate of 2 grams per 5 gallons.   

(Dark) We use tannin for flavor rather than for fining. Tannin is present in grape stems and is not often a required additive. 

Dissolve the gelatin in some warm water. Add to wine. Mix well. If a haze occurs, chill the wine and add 1-2 grams more of tannic acid.


2 gms. tannic acid = 1 1/4tsp.

2 gms. gelatin = ¾ tsp.


May Your Wines Fall Bright!