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Welcome to the world of winemaking through www.101winemaking.com

101winemaking is a sister site of www.FallBright.com, which is our online
e-commercesite. Fall Bright, the Winemakers Shoppe has been providing  grapes, juices, home wine making for  amateur wine makers since 1978. Shipping supplies daily!  Shop online.  


Your Digital Download for Basic Winemaking for Beginners
by Tom and Marcy Mitchell from Fall Bright.

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Do you want to know HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN WINE? 


Where do I start? how much juice, how  many grapes?

What equipment do I need to start?  

Winemaking terms  Terminology is just before making wine at home on the menu, but as always, last things first!

Making wine from juice.

Making wine from grapes.

Wine making from other fruits

Brix sugar adjustment chart and calculations

Making a starter, Mitchell's shortcut starter  More in Yeast drop down menu



Yeast selections and starters



Equivalents and measurements



newsletters:  more on winemakingNewsletters covering BATF, cold stabilizing, fining, fruit wines, additives, pH, problem wines. stopping a fermentation, wine and food, yeast, yeast starter AND trellis systems, pruning and positioning, plus some vineyard notes


If you are already making your own wine and need supplies, shop in store or on-line right here.  If you need Finger Lakes grown grapes and fresh juices during September and October or later, call 607-292-3995, stop by......

Come to Fall Bright, The Winemakers Shoppe!

Join us!  Make your own wine! This link takes you to our information website at 101winemaking.com
May your wines fall bright!!




May Your Wines Fall Bright!