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  • PERMANENTLY CLOSED The online shopping cart and on earth shops are closed. For winemaking information, additive instructions and more look right here You may still call me with winemaking questions: 607-368-3449 or email me Local
  • The SHOP at Fall Bright is closed. Marcy has moved to Dutch St.
  • Marcy Mitchell, 5443 Dutch St., Dundee, NY 14837 Near Wayne, NY The Fall Bright juice plant is permanently closed. Concords in my yard are Free to anyone who wants to pick! I have pulled out
  • All lots have been sold. I have acreage on 5443 Dutch St, Dundee, NY 14837. This fire number (5443 Dutch St.) is for the house north of McGregor's Vineyard on the right and a search
  • Lot 11 on Dutch St is 44 acres. Sold East side of Keuka Lake Keuka Lake Water District Dundee Central School district, Town of Barrington, Yates County, near Wayne, NY 124.02-1-1.11 Dundee, NY 14837 postal
  • AGRICULTURAL LINKS Pick your Pick your own, recipes, lots of other links. Vineyard Trellis Systems Lenz moser Hocherziehung system not in the pdf of vineyard trellis systems NYS WINE WINE GRAPE FOUNDATION cropoutlook2004.htm major
  • The image below is the Lenz Moser Hocherziehung high culture trellis system that Tom has Muscat Ottonel on. This is a mid wire cordon with long spur pruning. He does not have catch wires for
  • Brix is the sugar percentage of fresh fruit before fermentation. Balling is the sugar percentage with a bit of alcohol involved. 2016 2015 2014
  • Brix Numbers coming soon. I am not providing TA, this year. Please share if you run numbers from juices purchased here. 2016 Variety Brix-Refract TA pH Aurore 13.5 Baron's Red Blend Mid-Oct 22 Cabernet Franc
  • 2015 Variety Brix-Refract TA pH Aurore NA Baco NA Baron's Red Blend Mid-Oct 23 Cabernet Franc 21.5 Cabernet Sauvignon 21.5-22 .66 Carmine NA Catawba 16.4 1.065 2.89 Cayuga 19.2 Chambourcin 19.5 1.1-1.3 Chancellor 21.0 Chardonnay
  • Current harvest test results for brix, pH and TA (total acid) for our grapes and juices. 2014 Grape Harvest Variety Brix-Refract TA pH Aurore 16 Baco NA Baron's Red Blend Mid-Oct 23 Cabernet Franc ~19-20
  • AMATEUR WINE COMPETITIONS, of course there are tons more. Raise a Glass, Great American Amateur Wine Competition: to go directly to the page for the amateur competition. PDF document This amateur competition is a
  • AMATEUR WINE COMPETITIONS, of course there are tons more. Raise a Glass, Great American Amateur Wine Competition: to go directly to the page for the amateur competition. PDF document This amateur competition is a
  • I have pulled out all the Concords by the house except 2 PANELS and they have not been sprayed since 2019. They have been hedge pruned and tied. If you want to see or pick,
  • PICK YOUR OWN. org The full list of over 250 canning, freezing, drying directions is here: Those are the most popular for pyo fruit and vegetable customers. There are pages on making jam, applesauce,
  • Grape Varieties from our newsletters. Grape Varieties by Tom Mitchell, pdf Fruit Infusion This is in Making wine at home from other fruits. Adding fruit to a border line but sound wine! Aurore Baco Blends
  • Grape Varieties: compiled in 1990 by Tom Mitchell The modern winemaker needs to add Noiret to this list! Compiled by Tom Mitchell: Varieties, use, character, sugar, acid, pH, diseases, typical vine size, crop size, mautrity,
  • AURORE: Seibel 5279 cross from around 1860. It produces a white wine of modest, neutral varietal character and is often used as a blending component. It is a popular blend for Delaware, and most other
  • Baco always requires cold stabilizing because of its high acidity . Baco is a French hybrid (Folle Blanche (V.) X riparia, 1902. It is complex, very crisp wine with dark color and a fair tannin
  • Hybrid Blends at Fall Bright 1984 was probably the first year that Tom introduced a juice that had had the acid and sugar adjusted for the novice winemaker. It was called 'Red Blend - our
  • The life of wine in the bottle is longer if the pH is not over 3.4 to 3.45 A pH of 3.5 or 3.6 will not yield a long living wine. Lower pH will have
  • Recent research has actually shown that Cabernet Sauvignon is the progeny of Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc and not vice-versa, as previously believed. Cab Franc is not the "other Cab" as we have been calling
  • Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most widely grown wine grapes in the world. It produces a big powerful dark red wine. This variety has been blended traditionally with Merlot and Cab Franc. In the
  • Carmine is a vinifera cross variety that you will not find in many shops or vineyards or wineries. It was developed by Dr. Harold Olmo (1910-2006) of the University of California in 1946. Dr
  • IN MEMORIAM Harold P. Olmo Professor Emeritus of Viticulture UC Davis 1909– 2006 Harold P. Olmo died June 30, 2006 from complications after breaking a hip. Harold was a grape breeder and geneticist. His breeding
  • Catawba is a red grape with a white or light rose juice. It is a spicy flavored seeded slipskin with a pronounced labrusca aroma. It is a great jelly grape with it's distinct flavor. It
  • Cayuga White, formerly GW-3, is a cross of Seyval (French Hybrid) and Schuyler (American) and was named by Cornell University in the early 1970s. It is one of the more productive and disease -resistant varieties
  • Chambourcin, Johannes Seyve 26-205, is a relatively new French American variety. It is used as a varietal wine and for blending. Chambourcin has moderate to dark color with cranberry, raspberry tones and should be fermented
  • Chancellor, Seibel 7053, was developed in France during the late 1800s by Albert Siebel and is still grown widely in France, primarily for Bordeaux red wine. As of the late 1980s, France still had nearly
  • CHARDONNAY is Tom's favorite white Vinifera. This wine is rich, yet delicate, complex and clean. It produces an exquisite wine. Generally finished dry, it can be made with or without oak. Many of our winemakers
  • Chelois, Seibel 10878 Wine quality as a varietal is good. It has moderate color, medium body and a soft mouth feel. It improves especially when it's blended with Baco Noir, Marechal Foch, Chambourcin or Chancellor.
  • Colobel, Seibel 8357 Colobel is a somewhat cold hardy French-American hybrid. Plantings of the vine are limited in North America as it ripens late. It is planted primarily for high red color having impressive pigment.
  • Introduced 1853 by the E.W. Bull of Concord, Mass. In 1849 Ephraim Wales Bull from Boston, Massachusetts developed the Concord grape. He planted 22,000 seedlings before he had produced his ideal grape. It was first
  • DeChaunac, Seibel 9549 is a cold-hardy, vigorous, highly pigmented and very productive variety. It tends to over crop yielding a poor quality fruit. Wines from over cropped, unripe grapes will be of poor quality. Large,
  • Delaware is a Native American hybrid grape of largely unknown parentage although some optimistic persons believe it to have some V. vinifera somewhere in its lineage. It was found in Delaware County in Ohio in
  • Diamond is a native (white) variety cross that smells and taste like pineapple juice when it is fresh. It is a popular drinking juice among our customers. It tends to have a moderate to low
  • Marechal Foch is a vigorous, early-ripening French hybrid variety with good winter hardiness. It is well suited to cool climate viticulture and is fairly disease resistant. Developed by Eugene Kuhlmann, Marechal Foch, Kuhlmann 188-2, is
  • Fruit Wine Infusion Grapes for wine. Every now and then, our winemakers share some of their "trade secrets" or inventions that warrant sharing with their permission. The time is perfect to combine your winemaking skills
  • GEWÜRZTRAMINER is spicy, fruity, and elegant. It produces exceptional wines. Served with spicy foods, it is an interesting pairing with Chinese foods or German brats! We realize that this pairing is like having the prince
  • Gamay Noir is a red vinifera hybrid of Pinot Noir and an ancient white variety Gouais (Goo-wah). Gouais is a central European variety that was probably introduced to northeastern France by the Romans (University of
  • Leon Millot (aka. Kuhlmann 194.2) Léon Millot (Kuhlmann 194-2) is an early-ripening black grape produced from (North American) (riparia X rupestris) X Goldriesling (Vinifera ) This is a similar cross to Maréchal Foch Kuhlmann 188-20.
  • Merlot is a versatile red vinifera grape. When lightly pressed, the juice is a faint pink and can make a white or rose wine. Fermented on the skins, it becomes an aromatic full bodied wine
  • MUSCAT OTTONEL This mid-19th century seedling has currently (2002) been determined by DNA analysis to be a cross between the Chasselas variety and an undefined Muscat varietal grape. Muscat Ottonel is fairly widely grown in
  • Niagara and Catawba ripen at opposite ends of the season and yet they are a very compatible and popular blend. Niagara (Concord X Cassaday) is popular as a local wine and eating (seeded, slip skin)
  • NY 73.136.17. Our winemakers like NY 7301 renamed Noiret. It has a loyal following, commercial and amatear, as a varietal wine and as a blender. Yes, We have made and tasted Noiret for 5 years.
  • Pinot Noir is the classic red wine variety of Burgundy. The color and varietal character is acheieved by allowing ripeness to 20-23 brix. Color is in the skins of ripe grapes. If pressed it will
  • Riesling is a feather in our cap, fruity, scrumptious, rivaling fine German wines. We blend 4 different clones, which make wines from our wines very exceptional. It can be finished dry, semi-dry and with any
  • Seyval (SV5276) is a French Hybrid that has become very popular in the Finger Lakes! Developed about 1920 by Seyve-Villard, it is a most versatile juice for winemakers. It has a moderate acid and a
  • TRAMINETTE is a cross of JS 23-416 X Gewurztraminer (65.0533.13). It was released by the Cornell Geneva Experiment Station in 1996. Traminette is moderately hardy and ripens later in the season. It tends to over-crop.
  • Vidal Blanc is a late ripening white grape. It is moderately hardy with large compact clusters. The grape is well suited to cold climates due to its mid-season ripening and its ability to produce good
  • Vignoles Ravat 51 Vignoles can produce a dry wine and an excellent dessert wine. It is a favorite for a late harvest wine. The fruit can develop high sugar, while the acidity remains high. In
  • Terminology used by winemakers! Acetic acid is formed if conditions exist for the formation of vinegar. There is no cure, just prevention, which is to have a proper TA (total acid) and brix in the
  • Retyped from Wine Analysis Bulletin, by Harold E Applegate, with permission from American Wine Society , Total acidity as tartaric acid in must or wine: Reagents: 0.1Normal (N/10) sodium hydroxide (NaOH) 1% phenolphthalein in
  • Directions for TA test involve calculations that are based on the strength of the chemicals used. That said realize that Sodium Hydroxide loses strenghth with th passage of time. The color indicator phenolphthalein is quite
  • Phenolphthalein is a color indicator used in testing for TA in winemaking. pH end point is 8.2. Read more about acid testing for mentions of this color indicator.
  • NaOH used: TA chart for .1N X 0.15 (by Tom Mitchell) Titrate with a .1N NaOH, 5 ml juice sample in 50-100 ml distilled water (hot water is optional) with 5 drops of Phenolphthalein. To
  • NaOH used: TA chart for .1N X 0.15 (by Tom Mitchell) Titrate with a .1N NaOH and a 5 ml juice sample in 50-100 ml distilled water (hot water is optional) with 5 drops of
  • Potassium Acid Phthalate for Testing Sodium Hydroxide Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) will lose strength through age and exposure to carbon dioxide. By testing its strength against a standard such as Potassium Acid Phthalate (KaPh), you can
  • MALIC ACID TEST Malic Acid Quick Tests - Making MLF Monitoring Efficient for Everyone Accuvin Malic Acid Testing malic acid helps to determine if a malolactic fermantation is finished. The Quick Test Malic Acid test
  • VINOMETER Amateur winemaker like to test their crafts for alcohol after it is finished, but trust me, he or she needs to do it the other way around. Most wines that we think are dry,
  • Instructions: Hydrometer (reading) instructions Some hydrometers come packed in a tube you may use for test samples, others you may need a hydromater jar, which is a tall cylinder plastic or glass jar for the
  • View your hydrometer floating in the juice sample at eye level. The balling scale is the brix or sugar percentage. In addition to the balling scale, a triple scale hydrometer offers a scale for specific
  • Proof and Tralle hydrometer
  • User guide for refractometer, this is a pdf document
  • Thief Fermtech The Fermtech wine thief is a great hydrometer jar, but the specialty hydrometers will not fit. Use a 14 inch hydrometer jar for specialty hydrometers and use a regular triple scale hydrometer for
  • RESIDUAL SUGAR TEST Clinitest is NOT back in stock. Look around online. The instruction sheet is available here as a pdf. You will need: 1 box of 36 Clinitest tabs with new color chart that
  • Tirtets: 10 test vial and valves. The handle is not included. It is a separate, one time purchase. The “valves” are on the under side of inside packaging, on the reverse side of the vials.
  • Welcome to the world of winemaking through MAKE MY OWN WINE? SURE! Do you want to know HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN WINE? BATF Where do I start? how much juice, how many grapes?
  • Basic winemaking outline, a pdf short outline by Marcy and Tom Mitchell BASIC WINEMAKING fall bright online winemaking basics.pdf DOCUMENT by Tom and Marcy Mitchell 36 PAGES Testing needed for making wine Basic Brewing by
  • BATF regulations (Federal) for home winemaking. PLEASE check your state laws! May 2008: Prohibition Repealed 75 years ago. Slowly but slowly we make progress. Forty six years later in early 1979, home brewing was legalized
  • Barrington will vote on alcohol policy 2017 BARRINGTON-Residents from across Yates County and New York state will go to the polls, Tuesday, Nov. 7, to vote for their elected officials and answer questions related to
  • A GLOSSARY OF EQUIPMENT THAT YOU WILL NEED and OTHER TERMS: An airlock is a fermentation trap that allows the escape of carbon dioxide gas and prevents the entrance of air. Additives: stuff you put
  • AIRLOCKS and BUNGS AIRLOCKS What are these? They may be called water traps or water locks.We carry a twin bubble airlock and a three piece cylinder airlock. Airlocks are important for all home wine and
  • WINEMAKING AT FALL BRIGHT What equipment do I need to start making my own wine at home? What wine making supplies should I have? Help! We can provide you all you need to start making
  • BUNGS DRILLED (BORED) AND SOLID Buon Vino "hollow core" sometimes called intermediate.We call these Hollow Core and you can see why. They fit a wider range of necks due to the longer body length. They
  • We no longer stock glass carboys.I may have some used glass once in awhile, so ask. Will not ship. Carboys: We carry 3, 5, 6 gallons Better Bottle PET Better-Bottle® PET carboys Available in Plain,
  • BREW BELT (NOT FOR GLASS) winemakeri inc. Manufactured and tested in accordance with CSA 22.2 No. 64-M91 and UL 499 standards. Certified for use in both Canada and the U.S.A. © 2001 winemakeri inc. PATENT
  • CARBOY ACCESSORIES Carboy Carrying Web Strap, 2 people can carry! Adjustable. Black for 5-7 gallon jug shown. One of our winemakers said these are the best thing since sliced wine. They allow him to carry
  • CORKERS Double lever hand corkers, often called a twin lever corker come with either with a spring to hold bottle or a clamp, both have a nut at the top to adjust the ram length.
  • BOTTLING: FILLERS, CLAMP AND VALVESBOTTLING SPIGOTS The Combination bottle fillers can be used with or without a spring, which makes it both a gravity filler and a spring bottle filler. Guaranteed not to leak. (Let
  • BOTTLE DRESSING: CAPSULES AND LABELS: Heat shrink capsules. HEAT SHRINK CAPSULES can be shrunk onto a 750 ml corked bottle of wine with hot water, heat guns, blow dryers. This is a Fast Seal Tool,
  • FILTERS AND PADS for SALE at FALL BRIGHT Buon Vino Super Jet and Mini JetCaution: As with any new pump, pour some water into the intake hose before flipping the switch. Do not run dry
  • INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE BUON VINO MINI JET FILTER Caution: As with any new and dry priming pump, pour some water into the intake hose before flipping the switch. Do not run dry nor run while
  • Instructions for Buon Vino Super Jet Filtering tips: Muddy looking wines should not be filtered, rather they should be clarified with proper fining. Check the brix, TA and pH. Make necessary adjustments and additions such
  • FILTERS: IMAGE of the check valve (#13) CHECK VALVES ON THE BUON VINO SUPER JETOn several occasions, Tom has taken the pump apart and found a seed or some debris on the check valve. He
  • CHECK VALVES ON THE BUON VINO SUPER JET: IMAGE I do not have a map of numbered parts, but it has helped us to have this image. It is huge, so scroll to see it.
  • De-GASSER Fermtech De-GASSER Fermtech The Wine Whip plastic Slightly angled plastic whip that attaches to a standard 3/8 variable speed drill. The Wine Whip.... This may take 5-6 minutes of whipping. Degassing Your Wine properly
  • DRAINERS: TREES and FAST RACK Drainer Italian for 45 bottles. The Italian Vinator fits on top of the top station Drainer extra stations to build up from the 45 station unit. Nine more bottles per
  • RINSERS for water rinses: Getting used bottles clean and ready! Attach 'washers' or rinsers to a laundry tub faucet and the washer is ready to work for you.From personal experience, we found that the adaptors
  • Fall Bright, The Winemakers Shoppewww.fallbright.comDundee, NY, USA, 607-292-3995 One of our winemakers was annoyed by air leaks between the racking wand and the tubing. This is how he fixed it. John Guest Fittings - How
  • CORKS CORKS : Cork ease of insertion varies. Double lever: Agglomerated cork Double Lever: NomaCorc (with tremendous effort) Gilda corker: Cork-corks first corks, not agglomerated. Floor corkers all types Agglomerated 9 x 1 1/2 Agglomerated
  • CROWN CAPS and SCREW CAPS CROWN CAPS standard 26.5 mm (144 Gross) for beer bottles and American sparkling bottles. We have them in plain gold with a plastic liner and misc label, subject to change.
  • ODD CLOSURES: 1 OZ. POURER, WINE PRESERVER, STOPPERS, TASTER CORKS, CAPS ITEM IMAGE pack POURER 1 0Z MEASURE 1 PUSH ON CAP blue plastic SOLIDfor plastic 5 gallon water bottles and fits on top of
  • SPARKLING WINE "CHAMPAGNE ITEMS Champagne closures Yes you need wire hoods if you use these closures, unless you are putting still wine in a champagne bottle. Wire Hoods Degorger Life time investment. Crown caps, 26.5
  • Tapered Corks all solid cork priced per each Number Price Length Top Bottom Click to buy #000 limited quantity at this price .08 12.7mm 1/2" 6.3mm 1/4" 4.0mm 5/32" #00 limited quantity at this price
  • Brewing Equipment Kit $137.77 Includes: Primary fermenter (7.8 gallon) and lid drilled for a grommet airlock bottling bucket (7.8 gallon) side drilled for and including a 3/8 bottling spigot hydrometer beer 0-20 brix one step
  • RACKING to BOTTLING ITEMS: AUTO SIPHON, RACKING WANDS, TUBING Auto Siphons by Fermtech for 3/8" tubing are 23" long. Auto Siphon for 1/2" tubing. Fermtech Great for transfer with 1/2 inch tubing but not for
  • WINEMAKING AT FALL BRIGHT equivalents and measurements Measurements and such to convert from gallons to metric measurements for how much you need of winemaking additives for your winemaking. My measuring spoons have been in use
  • Antioxidant (and anti-bacterial) Highly recommended. It has been used in wine making since early Egyptian and Roman times. Potassium Metabisulfite: an anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial additive. The recommended rate is 20 to 40 OR 50 ppm,
  • WHERE DO I START? Fall Bright is permanently closed: 2016 last catalog. Start at Fall Bright, The Winemakers Shoppe! Great wines start at Fall Bright, May your wines Fall Bright! Start making wine at Fall
  • WINEMAKING AT FALL BRIGHT: HOW TO MAKE WINE FROM JUICE How to make your own wine from grape juice! This is a simple basic procedure for winemaking at home. Cold pressed grapes (red or white)
  • WINEMAKING AT FALL BRIGHT: HOW TO MAKE WINE FROM RED GRAPES May your wines Fall Bright! Order red grapes at the rate of 12-13 pounds per gallon if fermenting on the skins. * If COLD
  • Fruit wine making basic Fruit wine additives Fruit infusion in grape wines Fruity wines
  • Fruit winemaking basics Start making wine with quality fruit! Apply basic winemaking procedures to making wine with fruits other than grapes. While you are waiting for the grape harvest, how about making wine from the
  • Fruit Wine Additives Fruit winemaking requires nutrients such as Fermaid and acid blend plus additional sugar. Use your hydrometer! Pectic enzyme is always recommended for fruit winemaking. Did you forget that you have a bag
  • Tom's apple Metheglin 08-Dec-06 Tom always boiled any recipe that had honey in it and skimmed impurities from the top of the boil. I do not know how long that took. He used brewing and
  • Fruit Wine Infusion Every now and then, our winemakers share some of their "trade secrets" or inventions that warrant sharing with their permission. The time is perfect to combine your winemaking skills with the fruits
  • Food scientist finds line separating fruit and vegetable wine from 'plonk' By Blaine P. Friedlander Jr. In the past, wine made from New York state fruit, like strawberries, apples, cherries and peaches, and vegetables, like
  • CORN SUGAR ~ DEXTROSE is a simple sugar for raising brix. Fact: 0.125 pounds of sugar will raise 1 gallon 1 brix or degree. One ounce is .0625 pounds. One pound of corn (dextrose) sugar
  • CHRIS HANSEN’S LAB MLF CULTURE DIRECT ADD Sometimes you need to know the last things first. This culture is added AFTER the fermentation or at the end of the primary. It may influence your yeast
  • Fermaid K, a complex nutrient by Lalvin DAP, Diammonium Phosphate. rate is 1 pound per 1000 gallons! do not use in addition to Fermaid K. FERMAID K (non kosher) Add at the end of lag
  • Fermaid® K Fall Bright, The Winemakers Shoppewww.fallbright.comDundee, NY, USA, 607-292-3995 From Lalvin: Fermaid® K is a blended complex yeast nutrient that supplies ammonia salts (DAP), free amino acids (organic nitrogen derived from inactivated yeast), sterols,
  • Oak Additives Barrel links Barrel treatment and care Barrel wooden spigots
  • OAK ALTERNATIVE INSTRUCTIONS Fall Bright, The Winemakers Dundee, NY, USA, 607-292-3995 French OakPLUS chips, a smaller chip MEDIUM toast 4 ounce French Medium Toast provides complex, pleasantly mild and delicate toasted oak characters and
  • BARRELS for sale, other links Five gallons is 18.9271 liters. You will need to top up with 1.0729 liters of wine or 1 quart (32 ounces) plus 4 ounces. If you use 750 ml
  • Oak barrels are the traditional way of aging wine. Barrels do require special treatment before they are used. All barrels come with a bunghole and a travel bung on the side. You need to prepare
  • BARREL SPIGOTS Wooden #3: 7" long Wooden #4: 8.5" long Wooden #5: 9.5" long You may wish to drill a spigot hole before filling with wine. Different size spigots will require different size holes. Size
  • YEAST: All Lalvin and Red Star yeast, that we carry, are freeze dried and in nitrogen purged foli packs. 5 gram packs are rated for 1-6 US gallons. Determine the finish of your wine first
  • Yeast: LALVIN packed in 5 gram nitrogen sealed packets Determine the finish of your wine then chose the yeast. Before you start making your wine, you need to decide on how you want it to
  • Lalvin ICV D21 500 gram pack (Alcohol tolerance is about 16%) This is not in a 5 gram pack, but I have it on hand due to a cancelled special order. usage rate 25 grams
  • Red Star Red Star Cotes des Blanc (formerly Epernay 2), Alcohol 12-14%, is a slow fermenting, low foaming yeast strain that enhances fruit flavor and aroma. We recommend it for Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Cayuga, Vidal, Niagara
  • Making a yeast starter Making wine at Fall Bright, YOU are the winemaker! We basically provide the amateur winemaker with the grapes or grape juices and winemaking supplies and know-how to make his own wine.
  • Fall Bright, The Winemakers Shoppewww.fallbright.comDundee, NY, USA, 607-292-3995 You may re-hydrate the yeast with Go-Ferm. GoFerm (Lalvin) is a micro-nutrient to be used with the yeast re-hydration process. It is not put in the juice.
  • WINE YEAST RE-HYDRATION and STARTER We have just read on site that rehydration in distilled or de-ionized water is LETHAL to the yeast. Inoculate with your chosen yeast 1-2 days after adding potassium metabisulfite.
  • Good Rehydration Practices for Selected Yeasts open the document for the entire procedure. Key Points • Correct rehydration and inoculation are crucial for the survival and activity of selected yeast. No. 1 􀀁 DO NOT
  • Problems with your winemaking? The winemaker's most common problems are rotton egg smell (hydrogen sulfide) usually from a lack of nutrients and stalled or stuck wines. Low acid High acid wines Contamination Filtration of Cloudy
  • How much to add? nice additive addition reduction tool Acid TA and g/L issue for use of the tool at 0.78 TA is same as 7.8 g/L for winebusiness/tool site Adjusting the TA
  • TARTARIC ACID Fall Bright, The Winemakers Dundee, NY, USA, 607-292-3995 Tartaric acid is used to increase the acid in winemaking if needed. If the TA (total acid) is below .65, a winemaker would want
  • How much to add? nice additive addition reduction tool Acid TA and g/L issue for use of the tool at 0.78 TA is same as 7.8 g/L for winebusiness/tool site Dear Winemakers! The
  • CALCIUM CARBONATE CaCO3 Instructions Fall Bright, The Winemakers Shoppewww.fallbright.comDundee, NY, USA, 607-292-3995 (for juice BEFORE fermentation) NOTE: Acid reduction with Calcium Carbonate, Potassium Bicarbonate, OR Acidex can not exceed more than a .4% total reduction
  • COLD STABILIZING reduces acid in wineses AND helps it to CLEAR. During January and February the cool climate winemaker needs to cold stabilize his wines. Cold stabilization reduces some of the acid. If you used
  • POTASSIUM BICARBONATE (KHCO3) and Seeding with Potassium Bitratrate Fall Bright, The Winemakers Dundee, NY, USA, 607-292-3995 NOTE:Acid reduction with Calcium Carbonate, Potassium Bicarbonate, OR Acidex, or Acidex Super K can not exceed more than
  • Acidex Super K contains potassium bicarbonate (99%) and potassium bitartrate (1%). (We do not carry this item, you may blend your own.) Please note that Acidex Super-K should not be confused with regular Acidex. Acidex
  • Acid Reduction with Water (Amelioration) and Juice-Wine Blending Fall Bright, The Winemakers Dundee, NY, USA, 607-292-3995 Grapes grown in the northeastern part of the USA (Finger Lakes Region, NY) tend to be high in
  • Acidex is a double-salt seeded calcium carbonate designed to reduce both tartaric and malic acids in juice or wine. Potassium bicarbonate just reduces tartaric. (Acidex is no longer available, but some winemakerw still need the
  • Hygiene is most important in winemaking or brewing in preventing microbes. Cleaning products abound. We carry a few. Be thorough in your cleaning. Clean the inside and the OUTSIDE too. We have taken lids off
  • Cleaning chemicals we carry at Fall Bright NOTE: Do not leave your items soaking over night, etc. Metals (handles on brushes, pails, etc) can be damaged by such as citric acid, soda ash and even
  • One Step oxygen release. No-rinse according to manufacturer, Logic, Inc, Trexlertown, PA. Proper Use: 1 Tbsp/gallon water or 5oz/10 gallons. Ideal contact time is at least one minute, followed by mechanical action such as water
  • Part FROM A CROSBY BAKER NEWSLETTER B-Brite and C Brite B-Brite: The best All-Around Cleanser in your Home! Instructions on the B-Brite container: Dissolve one tablespoon of B-Brite per gallon of warm water. Wash equipment
  • Potassium Metabisulfite and Citric Acid Cleaning solution: Caution: Be careful of fumes Tom wanted some ratio for citric and meta with a little science behind it. This is what he came up with involving the
  • Barrelkleen must be neutralized with citric acid prior to contact with your wine. ContainsSodium Sesquicarbonate, Soda Ash and Lye BE CAREFUL OF FUMES: NOSE AND EYES Use at the rate of 1/2 to 1 pound
  • Foaming can be controlled by the use of anti-foam, yeast selection and mixing additives in water before adding to the wine. Antifoam liquid is a silicone oil emulsion used to reduce foaming during fermentation. Add
  • Buon Vino Super Jet Buon Vino Instructions for the Super Jet Filter Check Valve Replacement Instructions Check Valve Image Buon Vino Mini Jet Buon Vino Mini Jet
  • CHECK VALVES (#13) ON THE BUON VINO SUPER JET On several occasions, Tom has taken the pump apart and found a seed or some debris on the check valve. He cleans it up and puts
  • CHECK VALVES ON THE BUON VINO SUPER JET FILTER: IMAGE I do not have a map of numbered parts, but it has helped us to have this image. It is huge, so scroll to see
  • Instructions for Buon Vino Super Jet Filtering tips: Muddy looking wines should not be filtered, rather they should be clarified with proper fining. Check the brix, TA and pH. Make necessary adjustments and additions such
  • INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE BUON VINO MINI JET FILTER Caution: As with any new and dry priming pump, pour some water or wine into the intake hose to wet the impellar before flipping the switch. Do
  • Fining: A brief summary of different fining agents. Fall Bright, The Winemakers Dundee, NY, USA, 607-292-3995 Cold Stabilizing will also help clear your wines in addition to dropping the acid. Note: Fining agents are
  • LQ Kieselsol and LQ Chitosan instructions. LQ Super Kleer KC is a 2.2 fl oz dual pack of LQ Kieselsol and LQ Chitosan rated for use with 5-6 US gallons Fall Bright, The Winemakers Shoppewww.fallbright.comDundee,
  • POLYLACT Fall Bright, The Winemakers Dundee, NY, USA, 607-292-3995 Polylact is a blend of PVPP and casein in a cellulose base. This blend allows for more complete action on phenolic compounds, while avoiding the
  • Prevention of oxidation Cure oxidation
  • Antioxidant (and anti-bacterial) Potassium Metabisulfite: an anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial additive. The recommended rate is 20 to 40 OR 50 ppm, the lesser amount for red, as it has bleaching characteristics. “Meta” is added at racking.
  • Tom would highly recommend the use of PVPP for oxidation problems. From an old newsletter... Tom would highly recommend the use of PVPP (or Polyclar) on our Riesling from the 2008 harvest. Due to excessive
  • pH and winemaking Initially, the most meaningful parameter of grapes and grape juice to an aspiring amateur winemaker is Brix or the sugar percentage or degree. It is the one factor that connotes maturity. If
  • When hydrogen sulfide is formed in detectible quantities, it will usually be toward the end of fermentation. You should smell your young wine during the first fermentation. If the rotten egg smell is evident, you
  • Do NOT spray your grapes with any sulfur compounds within a month of harvest. YEAST NUTRIENTS help prevent hydrogen sulfide problems. Feed your yeast vitamins and nitrogen. Research is showing that vitamins and other ingredients
  • Fall Bright, The Winemakers Shoppewww.fallbright.comDundee, NY, USA, 607-292-3995 REDULESS for minor hydrogen sulfide problems. When hydrogen sulfide is formed in detectible quantities, it will usually be toward the end of fermentation. You should smell your
  • Fall Bright, The Winemakers Shoppewww.fallbright.comDundee, NY, USA, 607-292-3995 COPPER SULFATE 1.0% MSDS and medical attention KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN Follow directions carefully. MORE, read this page! This article explains the connection of
  • IF you use ascorbic acid in wine, please note that it reacts with the SO2. Test the SO2 level and adjust as needed, otherwise the wine will oxidize. Even though Ascorbic acid is an anti-oxidant
  • Bocksin is not available this side of the ocean anymore, but I hated to delete the instructions. Bocksin: Silicium Dioxide SiO2Silicon (English) DioxideSilicium (Latin) Dioxide Kieselsol is the commercial name for liquid silicon dioxide. When
  • 'If there is much less glucose, then Saccharomyces yeasts can not restart.... A note from the Cornell Enology Group with the following footnote from another email. This is where I got the 'Glucose is the
  • Tannin in Excess Gelatin is excellent for reducing tannin in red wines as gelatin needs tannin present to work. To remove excess tannin from a red wine, fine with gelatin without adding any additional tannin.
  • Oh Goodness! My wine is vinegar. What happened? Contamination of some sort. Either your containers were contaminated or the room. Vinegar is made by acetobacter which is a bacteria. The sulfur level was non existent
  • Bottling a sweet wine: Sorbate procedure Blending wines Late Harvest Port Stopping a fermentation Sherry Sparkling Wine
  • Bottling a sweet wine: POTASSIUM SORBATE My wine has "fallen bright" and hasn't bubbled in a long time. It taste slightly sweet, can I bottle it now? Potassium Sorbate greatly inhibits yeast and is used
  • Recommendations for blending focus on acid, pH and taste. The most sure way to blend is after fermentation when the wine taste good and may be complimented by blending to adjust tannin or the acid
  • MAKING YOUR LATE HARVEST WINES When the growing season is hot and dry, the vineyardist is more at liberty (less at risk) to manage the vines and the fruit for the possible production of a
  • Dear Winemakers, You have gotten your wine started and now, some of you want to stop it in an early stage of the game. If you want to stop your fermentation pre maturely, think what
  • this is a shortcut! Dave's Recipe for a Port from our Barons Blend 6 or so gallons Barons, 4 pounds brown sugar, 4 pounds chopped dried raisins and at bottling time add a fifth of
  • "Domenic's Gold Medal Sherry Recipes" This paper was provided by Domenic Carestti. He gave this presentation to the (AWS) Home Winemaking Seminar in Rochester NY several years ago. It was also given to me verbally
  • Sparkling Wine Fall Bright The Winemakers Shoppe Base Wine or Cuvée Initial brix reading should be 17.5 to 19 brix or %. Initial pH 2.85 to 3.00 Initial TA .9 to 1.1 Juice should have
  • Wines and foods Don't be too formal in pairing wine from traditional suggestions, such as red wine with red meat, white wine with white meat, etc. While looking over some old articles on pairing wine
  • Early bud break in the vineyard 2010 Early bloom in the vineyard in 2010 Crop Outlook vineyard conditions Pruning Trellis systems
  • Annual crop outlook by Tom Mitchell, usually presented at the annual Rochester Home Winemakers Seminar. 2017 Summer of rain and more rain, modest to full to abundant crop depending on wood available for pruning in
  • Crop Update 2014 by Tom Mitchell, Pa’tridge Run Farms and Fall Bright, Finger Lakes Wine Region, overlooking Keuka Lake east, near Wayne, 10110 Hyatt Hill, Dundee, NY 14837 607-292-3995 August 9, 2014 There are things
  • Crop Update 2013 by Tom Mitchell, Pa’tridge Run Farms and Fall Bright, Finger Lakes Wine Region, overlooking Keuka Lake east, near Wayne, 10110 Hyatt Hill, Dundee, NY 14837 607-292-3995 August 3, 2013 Canes produced in
  • GRAPE CROP OUTLOOK 2012 Home Winemaking Seminar 2012, August 2012 Crop Update Most of you in the room remember how spring weather broke in late winter and also how much hot weather we have had
  • GRAPE CROP OUTLOOK 2011 Home Winemaking Seminar 2011, August 2011 Crop Update A Typical Year in the Vineyard The Way We Manage Our Vineyards to Maximize Quality & Notes Pertinent to the 2011 Harvest Crop
  • GRAPE CROP OUTLOOK 2010 AUGUST It was warm early this year and remained relatively warm with a few short cool intervals. One might ask how you make comparisons from year to year and the answer
  • Crop Update 2009 by Tom Mitchell, Pa’tridge Run Farms and Fall Bright, Finger Lakes Wine Region, overlooking Keuka Lake east, near Wayne 10110 Hyatt Hill, Dundee, NY 14837 607-292-3995 Canes produced in vineyards that were
  • Crop Update 2008 by Tom Mitchell, Pa’tridge Run Farms and Fall Bright, Finger Lakes Wine Region, overlooking Keuka Lake east, near Wayne, 10110 Hyatt Hill, Dundee, NY 14837 607-292-3995 presented at the AWS Home Winemaking
  • Crop outlook 2007: The grapes look good and we were thankful for finally getting some rains in late June and July. We have put 2400 replacement vines in the ground this year to conclude replanting
  • Welcome again to the Finger Lakes in Central NYS. Fall will display spectacular colors, so don’t forget your camera. The winter of 2005 to 2006 was very mild and easy on the grapevines. As spring
  • Crop outlook 2005 Prepared by Tom Mitchell for the AWS Home Winemaking Seminar 13-Aug-05 - Good Morning! I’m glad to see so many faces. As with many farm reports we have some good news and
  • Crop Outlook and Forecast 2004 presented at the AWS Home Winemaking Seminar, Rochester, NY August 2004 Surely by now everyone is somewhat aware of the winter damage that occurred last winter in the Finger Lakes.
  • Finger Lakes Vineyard Update – April 19, 2010 With permission from Hans Walter-Peterson Viticulture Extension Specialist Finger Lakes Grape Program Budbreak Status The warm weather over the past couple of weeks has pushed most varieties
  • Dear Wine makers and Vineyardist, 2010 The topsy-turvy weather of April and May went from record setting warmth in the first two weeks of April to cooler temperature in later April that included several freeze
  • Dear winemaker, Luci, our shop manager has trimmed, tied, suckered, summer-tied, and picked! She has made her own award winning amateur wines and can guide you in your winemaking efforts. If she doesn't know the
  • There are many trellis systems to chose from for your vineyard. May your wines fall bright! Trellis System presentation that we put together for the Annual Home Winemaking Seminar , NY, for amateur winemakers in
  • BASIC BREWING by Tom Mitchell a pdf document, in full below Beginner mashing in drop down menu Preface prepared by Thomas Mitchell As Ken Shales pointed out in his book, Advanced Home Brewing, "…There are
  • Beginner Mashing Mashing is the method in which the starches in grain are converted to sugars by enzymes. For beginners we suggest you mash 1 pound of grain instead of the 7 pounds required to
  • Dogs can (sometimes) exhibit a toxic (allergic?) response to spent hops. I would be careful to disposed of them in a secure fashion in regards to small children, also. Hop Toxicity, an article from Crosby
  • BREWERS ALERT:Hop Toxicity in Dogs Dispose of sparged hops in a secure and safe fashion. We (Tom and Marcy from Fall Bright) do not know if this toxic response would take place in children. Crosby
  • This site was sent to us by Eric Wan. Thank you! I cannot fix any links on this page. Hops induced Malignant Hyperthermia in Dogs 1/16/02 - E. Wan This is a warning that the
  • Contact Name: Marcy Mitchell Contact Telephone: 607-368-3449 Address: 5443 Dutch St Location Overlooking Keuka Lake, Near Wayne, NY Dundee NY 14837-9600 For winemaking information, additive instructions, stay here for a while The online shopping
  • <a title="fall bright full size catalog 2015-2016" style="TEXT-DECORATION: underline; COLOR:" href="" target="_new"></a> <a title="more about us, Tom and Marcy Mitchell and our vineyard experience" style="TEXT-DECORATION: underline; COLOR:" href="" target="_new"></a> Send me your list and
  • Our vineyard on Hyatt Hill sold after harvest 2016.This included the vineyard and barn, coolers. Fall Bright is closed. Thomas G. Mitchell (Sr.) 4-23-1944 to 12-1-2015 Graduate of University of Wisconsin, Madison Campus, 1967, with
  • Location, Directions Fall Bright, the Winemakers Shoppe Dundee, NY 14837 (near Wayne, NY overlooking Keuka Lake) 607-368-3449 Finger Lakes Wine Region Coordinates: 42.488473, -77.113834 Almost there! Coming down Dutch St - Hyatt Hill combo.. Where
  • Keuka Gordon Setters Gordon Setters--Field bred for the discriminating bird hunter. Tom Mitchell (4-23-1944 to 12-1-2015) Tom bred several litters until Queen retired in 2011. He had retired from breeding, even though I know he
  • 2009 Dam: "Queen" "Boss and Company" Dam: "Queen" picture at 3 years 2-08-2001 to May 4, 2018 AKC, FDSB, CERF OFA good, PennHip 80th percentile of breed SIRE: Smokin'Gun Kennel's Timber is a nice looking
  • 2007 breeding of Queen and DC/AFC Dual Champion Carolina’s All Hat, No Cattle “STETSON” Dam: "Queen" "Boss and Company" Dam: "Queen" picture at 3 years 2-08-2001 to May 4, 2018 AKC, FDSB, CERF OFA good,
  • 2006 Queen " Boss and Company" and Tartana Cutty Sark Dam: "Queen" picture at 15 weeks 2-08-2001 to May 4, 2018 AKC, FDSB, CERF OFA good, PennHip 80th percentile of breed SIRE Dual Champion Tartana
  • 2004 Keuka’s Boss & Company (Queen) was bred to her Grand Sire NFC, NAFC, FC, AFC Pal Joey (Joey) by way of surgical insemination as Joey was then 14 years old. Dam: "Queen" 2-08-2001 to
  • Keuka Gordon Setters Kennel. We had several litters and are retired from this currently. I know Tom would like to do it again, down the road... Genie and Gunsmoke Rising 2001 breeding Dam: "Genie" 10-22-95
  • Sorry not to have different news here. Services for Tom Mitchell Calling hours will be held Friday from 4-7 at the Lamarche Funeral Home, 30 Main St, Hammondsport, NY 14840. Services will be held Saturday,
  • Carl Shively: ALFRED STATION - Dr. Carl E. Shively, 79, of Random Road, passed away on Sunday (July 12, 2015) at the Hart Comfort House of Allegany County in Wellsville. Born in Laurelton, Pa., June
  • George Louis Casler, age 85 of 450 Savage Farm Drive, Ithaca, NY, died on June 12, 2015. George was born on September 17, 1929 at Litchfield, Herkimer County, NY, the son of Charles B. and
  • Thomas Gene Mitchell, Sr., 71, of Hyatt Hill Road, Town of Wayne, Dundee, NY passed away at home on Tuesday, December 1, 2015. I want to thank you for your business through the years (1978).
  • Fall Bright, the Winemakers Shoppe had been providing winemaking supplies, grapes, juices (plus brewing supplies) for amateur winemakers for over 30 years. An old grape packing house provided a home for Fall Bright. 2016 was
  • ABOUT US Fall Bright Dundee, NY 14837 (near Wayne) Coordinates: 42.490863, -77.117778. Fall Bright had been providing winemaking and (brewing, discontinued now) supplies, year 'round, plus 30 varieties of grapes and juices fresh from our
  • Home Winemaking and winemaking related links: How much acid to add? How much water? This is a great site for winemakers. Annual Home Winemaking Seminar Program June 16, 2018 NEW location: Grapevine Restaurant, East
  • LODGING Watkins Glenn International Race Track to check for race date if you are looking for a room. Finger Lakes Bed and Breakfast Association another B & B site, about an hour away on
  • Music for your event, go to Local musicians, guitar, rock and roll, loud, soft, band, acoustic duo, two piece band, country, blues, singer, songs and more songs. keuka katz, cats, live music, entertainer, entertainment,
  • EXPLORING THE FINGER LAKES We (Fall Bright, which is closed) are not a winery and are not listed in the wine sites on Keuka Lake. We are on the "trail" between Ravine's and McGregor's on
  • New Host for this site: Thomas Brunt a Front Page host and transitional service Life after Front Page this new web site builder has been discontinued in development and support, but I am
  • Finger Lakes Trails: The actual Finger Lakes viticultural area is centered around four main lakes with American Indian names: Canandaigua (meaning The Chosen Place), Keuka (Crooked Lake), Seneca, and Cayuga. Wineries around Keuka, Seneca and
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  • Fall Bright 2016 catalog, hard copy printable pdf document


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