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 2006 Queen " Boss and Company" and Tartana Cutty Sark 

 queen 15 weeks on point

Dam: "Queen" picture at 15 weeks
2-08-2001 to May 4, 2018
OFA good, PennHip 80th percentile of breed




Dual Champion Tartana Cutty Sark SN355798/07

 "Cutter" Tartana Cutty Sark JH (Junior Hunter) from   If this site is down, try it later

cutter 2006  Cutter, Jan 26, 2006

Dual Champion is one of the most respected and sought after titles in the world of dogs. Only a few very special dogs have what it takes.  Dogs must earn both a Field Championship by competing in field trials and a Show Championship by competing in the show ring. Good looking, good doing bird dogs, most are once-in-a-lifetime dog. The letters and numbers following the name of the dogs are their AKC Registration numbers. There are currently 46 Dual Champion Gordon Setters in the History of the Gordon Setter Breed.


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