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    Fall Bright

Processing equipment is not usually part of a real estate transaction. Equipment is negoiatable. 

Item Quan
Press, Willmes 1
Frame Stainless Steele for cleaning press clothes in their frames 1  
400 gal bulk Sunset tanks with  compressors 2
600 gallon DeLaval  bulk tank without compressor 1
400+ gallon Girton Tank  without compressor.  Charles Olin And Sons, Elmira, NY 1
15 HP air Compressor w/ 200 gal storage tank, electric 1
5 HP Sears Compressor 1
Refrigeration Compressors for 2 walk-in coolers 2
Evaporator w/ 4 hi hum fans larger walk-in cooler 1
Scales, Mettler Toledo 2256 Analog floor scales with Panther Plus Terminal certified by NYS Ag and Mkts, Bath, NY  ANNUALLY 1
Grain Scales with complete set of weights, certified annually by NYS Ag and Markets Weights and Measures, Bath NY 1
CMA Crusher DeStemmer, new 2014 1
Lees Filter, Alpha - 40 plate 1
Enoveneta Zeta 100 variable speed, reversible pump with corded remote, 0-76 gallons per minute 1
Amos Pump from bin dumper to press 1
Bin Dumper 1 bin, hydraulic needs attention 1
SS tank on wagon for lees spreading 1
Bob's Equipment custom made pomace spreader  1
Hoses & SS fittings tri clover & valves 1


May Your Wines Fall Bright!