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Our vineyard, Pa'tridge Run Farms, overlooks the Bluff from Hyatt Hill on the east side of Keuka Lake in the Finger Lakes Region, Steuben County, near Wayne, NY

VINEYARD and HOME FOR SALE, $299,000   Included Real estate: barn, vineyard at 10110 Hyatt Hill and the house at 10121. 

Our vineyard is still for sale. Tom would have liked to retire.  Tom passed away December 1, 2015.  Consulting is no longer an option.

As is common practice when farms are sold, the current crop would be available if the buyer pays operating costs required to produce said crop. 

Otherwise, the closing date should occur in November or December before any additional production costs for the next crop are incurred. 
(This should be communicated with the buyer up front.)     

 Bing map and aerial tax map    

Soils map for 10110 by acrevalue

The Hyatt Hill vineyard surrounds the grape packing barn that houses Fall Bright.   

In addition, we have 10.5 more acres of vineyard on our Dutch Street farm about 2 miles distant, that a new buyer could lease or contract  The Dutch Street Vineyard has Aurore, Vignoles, Foch, Chancellor, DeChaunac, Leon Millot, Chelois , all of which are bearing vines and are not included in the sale of the Hyatt Hill vineyard.   There are also 1.7 acres of young vineyard - Chambourcin, Gamay Noir, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris.   

Property Description        

  • Established Vineyard and property in the heart of the Finger Lakes Wine Region consisting of 17.01 acre property, which includes 10.5 acres of vineyard with 4.7 acres of vinifera, 4.2 acres of premium French American hybrids and 1.4 acres of Native varieties.

  • Support land:  headlands, diversion ditches, sod waterway, tile drainage (5 acres)

  • Other land 1.7 acres

  • Structures & Improvements,  does not include any structures on skids.  Groundwork has been laid for future winery, footers, foundation, drainage and pads are already installed for a 1400+ square foot expansion.  Walls are needed and one pad poured needs to be poured.  This is behind the barn.  

  • This vineyard is located in the Finger Lakes Wine Region in central NY on the east side of Keuka Lakes in Steuben County on the Keuka Lake Wine Trail.  

    There is excellent winery potential with lake and bluff view.

  • This is an investment property, we feel strongly that future owners need to have a winery.

  • This location has a Dundee, NY 14837 rural delivery mailing address and a Wayne location and phone (607-292....).  

  • School district is Hammondsport, NY

  • Time Warner high speed cable runs up Hyatt Hill. 

  • 3-phase electrical service at the shop is with NYSEG.

  • We have obtained a special usage permit from the Town of Wayne for a go-ahead for a winery and have a permit from NYS DEC for spreading of lees in the vineyard.  So we know that a winery can be a part of the business at this location.  

  • Zoning is Agricultural for the vineyard. 

  • Plot Map of Fall Bright.  This may be blocked by your security settings.  Use a control and click.   It is a pdf document.  This layout shows the coolers, loading dock and general layout. 

  • There is room below the barn to expand the work area with fill that we have and with more fill, plus a retaining wall.  

  • The table fruit has been removed from behind the barn and will allow room  for a structure on the north side of the building.  There is more room further back on the north side of the barn, below the Gamay Noir for a tasting room on a knoll with a great view.  

Available Negotiable Options

  • Tom's vineyard equipment is not included in the sale of this vineyard. 

  • A basic line of vineyard equipment could be negotiable, but there are not warranties on any of our vineyard equipment.  Any equipment is not considered real estate and would be separate. 

  • Processing equipment is usually not a part of a real estate transaction, but we have included a list of processing equipment that we use in our operation.  This is negotiable and for sale.   There are NO warranties or guarantees.  Other items, tanks and such, could be purchased separately from the property.

  • We do NOT have a vineyard manager.  Tom does (did) most all of the work with some outside help. 

  • www.101winemaking.com is NOT included in any real estate sale.
  • www.fallbright.com in Not included in any real estate sale.

    • It (fallbright.com) may be a separate item apart from a real estate sale. 
      The mailing list, postal and /or e-mail, could be a separate item. 
      Winemaking supply inventory is valued at cost plus freight
       and is NOT included in any real estate sale.  

  • Vineyard Trellis Systems pdf document We have learned to put trellis high out of reach of deer.  Even upward growing vines are finding themselves on
    hi-wire trellising, out of the reach of deer. 

  • In 1982 we, Tom and Marcy Mitchell, along with Tom Jr., our daughters, Megan and Corlin, began re-planting our farm to grape varieties that were or would be in demand by amateur winemakers. To date there are 10 acres of premium grape varieties on Hyatt Hill including 4.7 acres of vinifera, 4.2 acres of premium French American hybrids and 1.4 acres of Native varieties..

    • Tom wanted to retire from grape growing.
      The Hyatt Hill farm is half of our grape acreage with the shop (Fall Bright) in the middle of it.

    • Tom paided attention to details in the vineyard.  (2015) We balance prune our vines by hand, tie, sucker, top sucker, fruit thin where needed. Pre-bloom sprays are on timely.
      Weed control is practiced.
      Riesling vines are tucked several times, weaving the fast growing canes up support wires. He was planning on stringing another wire above the current fruit zone to get out of the reach of deer. Other varieties requiring catch wires are positioned. This positioning and tucking continues during the summer.  

    • After harvest 2015 Tom weed sprayed under the trellis and  
      mowed row middles. 

    • The shop is in full supply of wine making supplies for the amateur winemaker year round.
      Our hours are limited after harvest to Friday and Saturday during the off-season, but orders placed online or by phone are shipped promptly. 

      Our hours expand during harvest to 6 days a week during harvest, closed Monday. 
      We take PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

    • This vineyard site was first planted to grapes in 1865 and though the varieties that grow now are not of those original vines, it has been continuously worked.

    • Established in 1977, Pa'tridge Run Farms is a family owned one generation vineyard, dedicated to growing quality wine grapes and providing quality juices for the amateur winemaker.
      The vineyard surrounds the barn that houses Fall Bright, which we opened in 1978.





May Your Wines Fall Bright!