Pa'tridge Run Farms has been growing  quality grapes for Fall Bright, The Winemakers Shoppe since 1978.   
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ocated on the east side of Keuka Lake in the heart of the Finger Lakes Wine Region in central NY.  
Tom and Marcy Mitchell, 10110 Hyatt Hill, Dundee, NY 14837   

Fall Bright, The Winemakers Shoppe
10110 Hyatt Hill, Dundee, NY 14837


Grapes and Juices grown in the Finger Lakes Wine Region in central NYS for commercial and amateur winemakers  


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DEXTROSE OR CORN SUGAR is in a powdered form that dissolves very quickly. 

Fact:   0.125 pounds of sugar will raise 1 gallon 1 brix or degree.   
One ounce is .0625 pounds.  
One pound of corn (dextrose) sugar is 3 cups and
approximately 1 pound of table (sucrose) sugar is 2 cups.    

To calculate sugar using straight math:

We use corn sugar (dextrose), as it is a simple sugar ready for yeast consumption and it is in a powdered form, which dissolves very easily.

Take the initial Brix reading using your hydrometer. Compute the increase in brix desired (i.e. 15 to 21=60). If using grapes, estimate the gallonage after fermentation based on 12-13 pounds of fruit (grapes) per gallon. Approximate yield from 65 pounds of grapes (fermented on the skins) will be ~5 gallons. 

Multiply the increase of brix desired (6, from the example given above) by the number of gallons to be adjusted (6 brix x 5 gal=30).

As 0.125 pounds of sugar raises 1 gallon 10 brix, multiply this (30) by .125.  That number will equal the pounds of sugar to add to the entire batch of must (or crushed grapes) or juice. The amount of sugar to add for this batch (30 X .125) is 3.75 pounds.  Add the required sugar. If you use cane sugar it is recommended to heat it in some of the juice. The heat and acid will convert it to a simple sugar.