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    Inventory PRICES reduced.  All inventory is on Dutch St.  
Call to order, if you want.  The online cart has closed, but I can still send orders out and take credit cards from the house. 

Call 607-368-3449 if you want to meet me here. 

Call for ton pricing. 

Marcy Mitchell, 5443 Dutch St.,  Dundee, NY 14837


2017  Vineyard on Dutch St about 1 1/2 miles from Hyatt Hill. 

Aurore 1-2 tons

Vignoles  3-4 TONS    3 locations: Goodwin Hill, Dutch St, and what Tom called Bailey Hill, uphill from the end of Dutch St. 

Concord by 5443 Dutch St. 


Chancellor 6-10 tons 

Chelois   1-2 tons please ask.

DeChaunac 1 ton 

Leon Millot ~2 ton 

Foch 1-2 tons 


607-368-3449  All our grapes are hand picked due to terrain, steep hills and machines available in our area. There will be extra cost involved. Grapes are clean and quality is HIGH!

Well,  We did have a very short crop last year and ended up disappointing some small wineries, as well as amateur winemakers.  Thank you for your business and understanding the difficult year that 2016 was for all of us in the Finger Lakes. 

With serious drought 2016  turned into a challenging year.  Growers are finding yields 50-75% less than anticipated.   Our yields were down for early white and more tender varieties such as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Gamay Noir, and Riesling. Later ripening varieties and hardier varieties picked up some in yield, probably from rains and other factors (bud break dates, mean cold temps, spring bloom, rains during harvest, etc.)

With a very short crop in 2015 and a light crop for 2016, we have sold all our extra juices early. 

Our crop for 2017 remains to be seen.  The wood for 2017 varies from location and variety, some good long canes, some short canes from poor growth from the drought of 2016.  Pruners are adjusting and we will see some interesting trimming for the coming year.  




May Your Wines Fall Bright!