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    Inventory PRICES reduced.  All inventory is on Dutch St.  
Call to order, if you want.  The online cart has closed, but I can still send orders out and take credit cards from the house. 

Call 607-368-3449 if you want to meet me here. 

Please pre order your grapes or juices for your winemaking needs. 

Please order by phone (607-368-3449) or by email   
or     Please make changes in your address book,fa
llbright at frontier.com is no more.

I WILL reply to your email to confirm that I have your order.  IF you do not receive that reply, please follow up!   Please put it in your address book. 

 Advance orders, though not required, help to eliminate disappointment.

GRAPES CAN NOT BE SHIPPED.  Our grapes are NOT boxed, you will need to bring containers.

Grapes are from our Finger Lakes vineyards on Dutch St,
Pa'tridge Run Farms, which is located in Finger Lakes Wine Region
on the east side of Keuka Lake in central NY. 


Include contact information.  We need to be able to reach you! 

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone numbers!
  • Date you plan on coming, so we can call you if your grapes are not ready or early! Juices can hold.
  • Bring your own containers .


  1. Deposit of 20-25% required on whole grape orders. Round off your deposit to the nearest whole dollar.
    Do not email us your credit card number!

    Major credit cards: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal accepted. add to cartfor deposit.   
    Direct payment to us via PayPal is to winemaking@fallbright.com

  2. If you want to do your deposit online, you may use the deposit add to cart button above and list your grape and/or juice order in the comment box. Please include your pick up date(s).

  3. There is NO deposit required on juice orders. Juice will be held 4 weeks approximately. Note the last day of pick up for some varieties in the catalog.

  4. Orders should include NAME, ADDRESS, evening and daytime PHONE numbers, and PICK-UP DATES. If we are unable to fill your order for your preferred pick up date, we will
    make every attempt to reach you.
    If your phone is tied up with
    internet use, get voice mail or PLEASE call to confirm harvest dates.

    Harvest dates are estimated. Grapes, once picked, may not be
    held more than 1 week. We can crush your grape order to buy
    some time for a delayed pick up per your instruction or you can
    take your chances.

  5. The pick up dates on our list for whole grape are for advance ordered grapes. All whole grapes should be ordered in advance. The grapes are not still on the vine if you stop in without an order, unless you are a week early and the grapes are nearby on our farm. After the grapes are picked and grape orders are weighed out, the rest are pressed with the exception of the red Viniferas.

  6. Once in a while there may be some grapes for walk in orders. The Vinifera reds are not pressed if we have extra with the exception of Merlot.  NO MERLOT FOR YEARS 2014 to 2016, WINTER DAMAGE and shortages.  

  7. Crushing and de-stemming into your container is available on premise on weekends. There is no extra charge for crushing and de-stemming small orders when you buy our grapes. We do NOT provide this service during the week.

  8. For a small fee we can crush your own grapes.  HOWEVER, They must be clean.  If your grapes are mildewed or otherwise diseased, we will refuse to let you use our equipment.

  9. There may be a crushing fee on a ton or close to a ton or more of grapes. You must make arrangements in advance to crush,  if you have a large grape order. I may request that you come during the week. We will have to coordinate that pick up with our work load.

  10. PICKUPS ON INDICATED WEEKEND, DATES ARE APPROXIMATE.  NO GRAPE PICKUPS ON WEEKDAYS, unless special arrangements have been made OR if they are being transported whole and not crushed.  THANK YOU.  This does not apply to commercial pick ups. 
    We can crush your order Sunday for a pickup during the week,
    but no crushing of SMALL orders on week days. 

  11. Grape orders will NOT be pressed while you wait. However, a small press is available for your use on premises. 

  12. Bring your own containers for Juice or Grapes to save the cost of purchasing containers. Pails, carboys and bags are available and usually in stock.

~* There are no cutoff dates for picking up these juice varieties. However, orders held longer than 2 weeks are at risk or chanced. We do our best to hold your orders, but miscalculations and pumping accidents do occur. We will not hold an order after the first weekend in November, unless special arrangements are made.



May Your Wines Fall Bright!